The Story – of – My Life

Eating Spree

When I lived in Saint Augustine, the oldest city in the US, in Northeastern Florida, near/under the big city of Northeastern Florida, my parents proved their worth. We ate things like Sloppy Joe’s, “spaghetti and meatballs,” Pizza Hut, homemade pizza, rotisserie lemon pepper chicken and rice, beef (with potatos etc.,) beef and noodles, lasagna, etc. We’d eat out at places like Chinese at the mall, Applebee’s, Outback, etc.

However, we moved to the New Orleans area. I gained a little more weight when I found out we were moving. I don’t know if we had mashed potatos, at least not much, and we had Italian sausage in our spaghetti I think, seemed rather rebellious as meatballs don’t seem that hard to prepare, especially if you just get it frozen. We ate out at a Chinese buffet, same one every time. I even said I’d give up piano for awhile to get in shape and start dancing again, but no I just did ballet once a week for an hour. I joined up in martial arts like my younger brother since I used to get to do gymnastics.

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