Supremacy Surprise

I noticed people.

There was this girl with one of those German-looking moms, here in the US. The girl looked so cute and perfect with bleached hair, maybe brown eyes, pale. Her mom was probably blonde with coarse hair. Her hair was very straight and smooth and thick. It was in a ponytail and probably spiky. She was on the shorter side but maybe taller than me, so maybe 5’3”? She had a baby. Her mom was like, “But … you wanted one?” like she respected her more than her baby.

After a musical, a floutist came out with her family. She had short, spiky, dyed red hair, dark red. Her husband was around her height, slumped over and blonde, looked like a fun professor of the day. The daughter, the only child there at least, was just a little shorter with smooth probably naturally mostly white hair. She was talking animatedly. It was like their family did the right thing and was accepted.

…So, that is to say, my family and I were not as accepted, after all, just because of race. People hate me as a successful person, though, no thanks to my family later on, in strong ways. We used to be like those families. Just don’t look at my mom’s race etc. A lot of families are accepted with Asian moms, or dads, even by Germans and in Germany, still. Huh?

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