Statements From Me About My Life

Acceptance – Extended Relatives (and Who’s Really Special and “Gets” the Goods?)
I can see all my relatives on my dad’s mom’s side near or far don’t accept me as much as other close relatives because I am 1/2 Dutch Chinese-Indonesian and make up other reasons, like most people Up North etc. They’be innately made it a big deal and used my closer relatives against me in my life. I know because I’m being monitored in private or stalked by advanced aliens and some people I meet or know get involved. The make up things like that I’m just okay because of my race but ranked somewhere as white, but still whatever I had going for me in “the real world” is for supposedly prettier / more attractive and more accomplished relatives. They think I am different and deserve to be treated this way and sometimes hallucinate that they aren’t actually doing it. It seems up in the air “Up North” in the US if I am smart or not, and that is where my ancestry and most of my extended family are from. I live nearby now geographically but too far to take a ride there.

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