People Who Think They Can Overshadow Me

They think it doesn’t matter what they look like because if I want to look different or have some problems that are not my fault that it is okay and polite to say they get everything and me nothing, claiming they are better-looking than me.

• One reason they think they can say that they look better is because a lot of them just did poorly in school, and I was faithful and had to stay up late every night about since sometime in 6th grade doing buswork homework, or “crap,” for school, and I was a good student who did all her work that I could until much of high school, in the advanced classes. It’s hard to look good again once you realize you have been given too many useless assignments and stayed up late, too, you gain some weight even if you do some physical activity, the hair on your head and other parts of your body seem coarse, your skin is dull, you may have short legs, you don’t really feel as intelligent, etc.

• The older adults, Baby Boomers and Early Generation X, have already given the okay that people should look better than me, and if not then I’m still “shit.”

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