New Orleans – Loyola University

If I go back, it is only logical I go back to my alma mater. I have either 1 1/2 or 2 years left of a half scholarship of, like, $22K, I think per semester.

I don’t feel comfortable going to college for violin, especially not at a camp place like that where you rely on past luck and how early you started, maybe in the end.

I do like that college, and I don’t know where to study violin that would make sense with my talent but lack of technical skills, like all the positions, if using vibrato, playing fast yet, etc.

Unfortunately, college is a big thing, and it’s the rest of your life and you just have to work to pay it back. I can get some loans and maybe even money from Lejeune, alas!

So, I was scrolling through the majors and found History with a concentration in International Studies, logical, and, further, a concentration in European Studies. Those concentrations were my choices out of the options and what I wanted, anyway. Also, a 2 year language sequence of German as my choice and all they have on that campus. I think I’d have 7 classes of general history, 3 classes of general international history, and 3 courses from European studies. If I had to pick another language, I’d pick Latin or French, since I noticed the language courses might be higher requirement levels. That’s 39 credit hours. That’s 4 semesters if I took 12 credit hours each semester. I need a few more general studies etc. I think I finished electives and am gonna pick a minor. Okay, I chose Art History. That was easy!

I think the opportunity in music is nonexistent for me today regarding what I can do, like if in college or with a teacher, at my age. I hope to still practice violin and learn German, but I have to lug myself to a practice room or get an apartment nearby.

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  • Groceries

  • A Good Breakfast Before Work – Idea


    Whole Bagel Cut in Half With Butter

    A Few Jimmy Dean Sausages

    Iced Coffee (Low Sugar?)

    Chocolate Cereal With Chocolate Inside? and Milk


    Cough Drop

    Cheaper than the Big Breakfast With Hot Cakes etc. at McDonald’s Each Day I Work

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  • Violin

    Maybe I will review the fingerings.

  • Broken Violin String

    I may wait until I get paid to fix it for like $10+ maybe. I am hopping to the Dollar Tree getting food for $1.25 each item. I did get other necessities etc., like stuff for my hair, but it was all pretty cheap.

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  • Burrito

    The “red hot beef” burrito was not too hot!

  • What I’ve Done Today

    I went to the Dollar Tree closeby and spent almost $20. I got a few things I need and maybe almost 10 things of frozen food, mostly.

    I’m cooking a hot burrito. The non-hot burritos didn’t have just the ground beef but also beans, so I didn’t get those ones.

    I work at McDonald’s and get a 10% or 30% discount when I eat there. I like to buy breakfast before work, too, which totals like $7 or $8. I get some free food and a small drink each day I work.

    I have to pay my internet bill like $85 and only have like $250+ left. I thought I’d get paid in 2 weeks time, but since I just started it may be 3 weeks, the ending period of January, I guess. I officially was onboard January 7th. I started on the 10th.

    I’d like to straighten up my apartment sometime after eating. Maybe, I can go to the gym again one day soon to do my 1 hour of jogging/running on the treadmill. Tomorrow is choir. I should exercise at home.

    Looks like it’s time to put the burrito in!

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    Name: Christina Ann Joanna Barrett
    Race: Eurasian
    Age|DOB: 36|05/20/1986
    Location: SE Florida, NE Florida, SE Florida, NE Florida, New Orleans, Orlando, Cleveland

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  • Late Baby Boomers and Mom’ and Pop’

    Are Late Baby Boomers allowed to talk to older people other than their own blood parents?

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  • I didn’t make a mistake!

    I wanted to do Piano Performance, Organ Performance, Vocal Music Education, Instrumental Music Education, and the Ballet minor/program … and Club Gymnastics for awhile at the college nextdoor. My college was Catholic of a specific order and had an attractive music program. They made me pick one major area and had to pick one major instrument. They didn’t say anything 2nd semester about my work in piano when they gave too much homework in Music History. They said the reason I had to do only Organ Performance or leave was because I was shy.

    I thought my group singing teacher was monitoring me in private, and people were connected communicating to me that way. It got in my way that summer wanting to practice music on beginner violin, piano, organ, singing, and beginner flute/oboe. I tried to say I was interested that they claimed things like that my whole life had been monitored in private. They suggested I might have another life in the arts and family waiting for me, and, so, I wanted to focus on making sure that transition was mot some joke or bait. I even wanted my old life back. Things got worse musically. I ended up in all general studies to get it out of the way. It was too hard, non-honors this time… and my high schools did not prepare me. So, I had to pick a major or re-audition on music and had to come home. I wanted to “make it” and make money acting in movies, but my family moved and got mean to me and I got fat hiding from them in my room, posting online. I lost the musical instruments I had, too, and the power of my singing voice from not talking, I did not know! I hit my wall and table when upset online and from TV, and it was hard to start violin, again.

    People think I “hurt” my dad by flunking college, but he was supposedly at least somehow involved in destroying my school career.

  • Breakfast

    Work at 8.

  • Breakfast at Work

    Work starts at 8.

  • Sexuality in Peer Boys to Girls

    I just realized something. I used to be excited about boys, as well as other people. Well, yes, I’m still straight. It seems people went and tried to track my feelings regarding other people in general and make sure it only goes to boys. That means a hormonal thug is my new mother – not gonna happen.

  • I just got home.

    I went to the gym after work. I take the bus. I got home at about 7:00 P.M. I jogged and sorta ran on the treadmill for an hour.

    I’m gonna take a shower and get in some bed clothes, wash my McDonald’s uniform in my little washing machine in my apartment, cook some leftover spaghetti and meatballs … I already had a smoothie some just now … probably have some cookies and cream ice cream, maybe tidy up a little, and go to bed. I want to take out some trash.

    I’m hoping my younger brother gives me money he should because if my laptop broke I was supposed to get my money from my late dad for it, and I even bought a cheap one for $100. Also, I thought I’d get paid in like 1 or 2 weeks, but I just read online you get paid after, like, your first 3 weeks. I had stuff to pay off and am making it a priority to pay for my Spectrum ASAP. I also am supposed to get $1,823 of Disability I was supposed to get in May.

  • A Message in the Night

    Camp Lejeune, holding tight.
    I pray to make haste, with all my might.

    Things are not so fun without the money I could have made, should my parents had survived their critical illnesses.

    This is like a gust of wind from my past, when I was sitting up in the 3rd floor of 2 different group homes in East Cleveland. I had to leave when things started to look dangerous. The apartment I found in West Cleveland was not as cheap as it could have been, and still have been safe. I took a job at McDonald’s nearby. It could take me 1/2 year to pay back my credit lines for groceries and DashPass, or longer. It’s like an extra $300/month. If I dispense more, it will be paid off sooner. I may not get my first paycheck from McDonald’s for up to 3 weeks. My younger brother is rather unresponsive about dispensing me my money from my deceased dad. I was supposed to get money if my laptop broke, too, and it did. He didn’t answer, so I said it was okay, for now. I thought I could live off McDonald’s free food for employees, but I don’t know if it’s very promising and is bad for my triglycerides. I could just get by, this month, but, if I “keep up the good work,” things should be fine, getting by.

    So, I am expecting money for my dad’s death from drinking poison in the Marines at Camp Lejeune, like many others as it has been advertised and come to law or something in this past year. If this law company doesn’t do it, I’ll just try another. My younger brother actually “took it from there” and is “taking care of” it.

    I also am missing my May Disability money. I am told to go back to the office in person, have to take a bus. I may on Thursday, Friday, or Monday. That will really help, as well, if they can find a way.

    I have to eat healthy now, too, for my health. I can get anything at McDonald’s 30% off. Some things I can get free, any day I work there.

    I need to get my violin string fixed, 2 broke in December.

    If my parents didn’t die or I didn’t have problems, I could have been better at violin now, “not to mention” if I never had problems in Orlando from other people or problems from my college, Loyola University New Orleans. After a year, they said music was not for me, though I got all A’s in music and a B+ in private singing lessons my first semester. I had to take a music history course second semester and it took like an hour in the library maybe listening to samples, and I didn’t have time for that. I did it, but then I didn’t get to practice. I was in 21 credit hours, most in music. Technically, the only thing they let me stay in was the organ program, when I did other things I liked in music, too.

    I don’t like all those weird jobs from home, still a lot of work, more than McDonald’s maybe. I should get money for my skills in music. I wonder if I could, though, now. I know some community theaters pay their actors. I could certainly sing in a community theater performance.

    It seems like everyone is too nervous to make me happy, like working with me for financial stability. I want to be a German violinist. So, I’m not studying to be an RN. It’s too hard to do that on the side, with all the registration/money and whatnot and time. It would be two years, probably. I like my job cooking at McDonald’s from my first day, just hope I get by this month. I already paid my phone bill, waiting to pay for internet now.

    My studio apartment is too small, it seems too. I’m getting a folding keyboard probably next month, since the rolling one malfunctioned and was hard to play.

    I have to wake up at 5, or 6, for work. I’ll probably wake up earlier to use the restroom to pee and go back and lie down and maybe sleep again. I need a good breakfast, maybe can eat at work, buy a breakfast, if I wake up early enough.

  • New Backpack!

February 2023

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