• The World

    Why do some people make any such a fuss and display about Late Baby Boomers?

    The problems bounce over to me!!!

  • “It’s a cruel world.”

    At age 16, I didn’t have the right to refuse medication for a mental illness I may not even have had. It’s because my dad’s youngest sister dropped me off at a mental hospital, but she herself may have only taken Prozac, a popular pill for depression in maybe the late 1990s and early 2000s. Same with her sister. We’re supposed to worry that her daughter was on a regular sized bowl half or mostly filled with pills, mostly or all for mental illnesses. That sounds like a messed up idea, to think you just put kids on pills like they’re nutritious. I also know we were both considered bad sometimes. I was considered bad for hanging out with her. I think it’s my aunts who were incapable and incompetent. They are unable to admit when they are wrong, like of being mean to you.

    Also, as a legal adult, I was stuck with my parents wanting me on psychotic pills, and they probably wouldn’t support me going back to the prestigious Catholic college I went to with a scholarship. I also ended up changing my major from piano to violin.

  • Supper


    Unfortunately, the peppers burned and the water turned black.

    I already had some Brussels sprouts and leftover ham stew from awhile ago.

    These are beer Bratwursts, Bratwursts, a type of sausage. Bratwursts are maybe from Germany around a hundred years ago.

    My orange pepper was bad. So, I just have red and yellow. Before, I made maybe Italian sausages with green peppers.

  • “Jumping to Conclusions”

    All I get is something I really don’t care about… people acting like I don’t have as much substance as them, but I do it for other things that, to me, are better.

    I think it’s still the 80’s controversy, where people were acting like only some people enjoyed it and, apparently, got “wasted.” They just made too big a fuss over it, and some other people talked to them more or were more on their radar, who others think they would have liked to talk to and it may be true.

    So, this is just jealousy, as well. I’d like good substance.

  • Too Late to Have a Baby and College

    Should I have graduated from high school early or dropped out?

    Anyway, it’s not really too late.

    It’s easy to let children today enjoy Baby Boomers like we did. I don’t really enjoy them “in person,” but they’re “out in the world.”

    I bet people who were born in 2005 are very mature today. They are starting college.

    I like to be a kid, but I’m wading in the steps to adulthood and parenthood and marriage but wish to have my own room, if possible, or at least my own bed. I look forward to what “old age” has in store for me, something like what Baby Boomers did when I was little?

  • Something I Don’t Believe In

    I do not believe in Baby Boomers and Early Generation X keeping Generation XYZ and A from being as good as they can, in ways that they want to.

    They think that everyone not *showing off and making others jealous* is actually an existing reason.

  • Candy

  • Update

    I added a page with My Media, which now includes a link to my Selfies.

    I added a link to my Flickr under Me Online – Social Networking.

  • Me Playing Violin Now

  • Attractive Asian TED Talk

    I just watched this video on how exercise is the best thing for your brain AND incurable diseases…

    This TED Talk took place in New Orleans in 2018.

    It was a wake up call for me. If you want to be happy, you have to go to the movies to find signs of intelligence, these days, a place for people to come together with some common experience. I’m cold and alone in an apartment, waiting for my benefits to be fixed. Maybe, then I can prescribe these outings. I’m in Cleveland, but I moved here from being in Orlando for 15 years with my parents, who died…

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