I just saw the live musical of Cats today, Saturday, November 5, 2022, at 1:30 P.M.

I started off looking for a place to eat and found only a sit down restaurant so spent $20.

It was a nice theater, even sitting in the back area seats … the “peanut gallery” it was.

I quickly glossed through the cats, and I noted the white cat is Japanese. The white’s cat name is Victoria. Some of them listed college.

The opening for the musicians had some impossible moments, so gifted you didn’t know what made it that way, like a chord makes you just feel. The musicians were listed by name in the program, keyboards and wind and percussion, no strings. The musicians did fairly well sometimes, for something they’ve maybe not learned to do, get into something other than classical or listening to their pop music maybe.

The cats were mysterious coming out. I know the whole show practically. Jenny was pretty amicable, as is the character. The tap dancing was nice to see. Her costume was also very nice. The lights in the show also made it what it was.

Next I remember is Rum Tum Tugger. He was stupendous and lit up the whole show for the audience. He was snazzy and fast and cutting.

Bustopher Jones, the fat cat, was very cute. They were smooth in this number.

Mungojerrie and Rumpleteazer were also a star act being the featured gymnasts/tumblers. They mostly danced and sang. Oh, and I asked and the cats were singing in real life, too, while they danced. This was a great act.

When Grizabella came out was very dramatic and rather emotional. It was nice to see an African American, very nice. She was very good at getting a message across without faltering it. I’m 36, she could be around my age.

The Jellicle Ball was the star act when all the cats come out and dance like a real big dance, almost like a musical theater ballet. The red cat is highlighted here for a little.

Dueteronomy was great and sensational. It wasn’t too boring, like I fell asleep watching the movie after awhile all the time. I watched it when it came out in 1998.

The last number in the first act was a version of “Memory.” Everyone loved it, and she was great!

I think the next act after intermission was Gus, the theater cat who was an adult. He also was the one singing the Battle of the Peeks and Pollicles. He was really great, stood out boldly and knew what was going on in this whole show!

Skimbleshanks was great. It was snazzy and captivating.

Macavity was probably the best. The red and yellow cat did a jazzy singing and dancing number with some other female cats in some of it. The red cat was so good with her style, a very low extremely beyond belief voice and great dancing to go with it that stole the show. I yelled loudly for her at the end of the musical.

Macavity himself was pretty cool. We read the poem in 6th grade. He did great at his dancing. The fight reminded me of martial arts.

Mister Mistofelees was cute. I think he was African American. I like how he just slipped into his style.

Finally, Grizabella comes out, again, singing her number and getting the baby cats or kittens etc. to like her. The chorus with her ascending is grand and sounds nice and loud, like much of the musical. Then, Deuteronomy talks about cats in general, again, singing of course as there’s not really so much talking if you’d consider it any in this version.

The cats all come back out and bow.

The orchestra was behind curtains under the cats, I think, but we couldn’t see them, as I inquired there whereabouts.

I left with this as a priority, dancing, but I’m just helping Santa now and I practice violin. It’s true I did gymnastics and wanted to perform artistically but not like the Olympics or just being in a circus. I wish I also did ballet and maybe a little modern dance. I did, but they didn’t have it where we moved once. I started when we moved again, but it didn’t work out all up until 21, and my mom only kept me at once a week. I minored in ballet in college, but Hurricane Katrina hit and most dancers seemed to leave before I got to the advanced performing class and I took that on top of the afterschool program and still didn’t get to do much. I had to go home, and the ballet school didn’t accept me. I went to some others. Later, I tried to go back to the same one and they said I was too old. I just wanted a break to catch up on rest and maybe grow a little. I was thinking of doing adult classes still, which later were just barre work pretty much and I hated it. Once, when I was gonna, I felt bad with my life with how I was treated, and I wanted time online to talk and ballet didn’t fit into the equation and maybe no performance wasn’t fun, neither. If I want to dance, some things would be too hard to juggle with other things, like trying to be a violinist possibly. I found companies, including for anyone who can dance if there is room, but like I said it might have gotten in the way of violin. One wasn’t even paid and they did a lot of boring modern dance. If I get money from Lejeune, I may be able to. It’s nice to do good things, things that make you happy and exercise.

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