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    I only left 2 posts up on my Facebook.

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  • Egg Salad

    Egg Salad
  • Keyboard 🎙️

    $152 Friday ready to learn to record (a classical song I have to learn to play)

  • 🫰🏼

    I think I will spend $165 on a folding keyboard tomorrow, all the 88 keys and can carry on the bus easily, 10 pounds too.

    I think I will focus on recording “The Great Gate of Kiev.”

    I am going to interview to be a cashier at Popeye’s, too, and I think I will get a bus pass and go to the gym.

  • Proof

    I even caught my dad telepathically talking to me or something that because my cousin was unfairly treated that I follow in her footsteps, lest it be done to me.

  • End

    People may be jealous of the lady, but they are happy there’s no hope for me because of her now.

  • Edit

    I added a disclaimer in my last post.

  • Who cares? 🐑🐑🐑🐑🐑

    I’m discriminated against ethnically and racially, and the rest of the US is “okay” in her book because they’re against me.

    Disclaimer: I meant it literally, that they are “okay in her book” it so happens, whether or not she meant it when she put it there, and the reason stands they are against me and that’s what sets them apart and defines them as a people.

  • Wild and Mad 🐺

    People think I will go mad because of my race and racism.

  • Magic Wand 🪄

    The lady freaked out about getting stimulated enough, and she got it.

  • “Take a Chance” and “Collect $200 and Pass Go” 🕳️

    So, the lady gets 100% stimulation, and because I was innovative physically I get 0% stimulation, it just worked out for her. 🥂 She got what was left, or I was ridiculous. I almost wonder if I am getting in menopause, don’t know what it is, but I stretched 40 a minutes a day 3 days in a row, hard to hold myself up, got tired, and my period was light and didn’t torment me.. I was snapped at by another when I just wanted to know if overdoing it ruined it, when it was made for her.

    So, I had hopes, but it was an unlikely story. So, anyway, it’s something people tapped into and prevented for me, so it’s lost. It is something I care about, like anyone, but the world stopped to torture me. Blame the Russian war on me? I also lost a lot of other things about how I function. People just wanted to get to me. There wasn’t anything in it for me, people just say I’m not much and won’t let me be something and have my old potential.

  • Brain and Heart 🦫

    I know what it is, the lady was ready and got what she wanted when it was her time.

  • Intelligence 💫

    Anyway, what happened to the internet?

  • Injustice 🤹

    They’re rounding up what could have been and ruining it.

    I’m not a mean person, but some people don’t deserve to realize this now and it not come fixed for me. I just get upset when it makes sense. I don’t have my needs met. No one cares. One thing after another seems to ail them, and then it’s too late, though for me.

    Who says I’m not happy? like other than the problems monitoring me in private and things like stalking my life.

  • Crossed Out ✔️

    I don’t believe in only Late Baby Boomers feeling stimulation.

  • ^What^ 👀

    “What’s it all about?”

    Playing classical music?

    Playing pop music?



    What happened to “sex?” “What about love?” 🎘

  • Facebook

    New Cover Image

  • Facebook

    I posted the 2nd song I just posted on my Facebook.

  • Already

    I don’t believe in people judging me by how successful I am at being typical of my generation, otherwise, I’m a nutcase.

  • Discouragement

    They keep acting like the lady is perfect and I’m flawed.

  • Spaghetti

  • “The Scene” 🖼️

    “I know the story.” You all were rebellious and retain rebellion towards that for which I am prepared.

  • “Self-Centered” and Oblivious to Others’s ^Needs^ 🫂

    This is a German article about the orchestra I follow online.

    (The title of my post is what this all hints at, but you may not understand?)

    Maybe, they have one of the best violinists, but that doesn’t mean it’s just for some people and just not for certain people. That gives you a little spike, huh? and who deals with this prejudice? Me. I just happen to have been a fan before this all exploded and then got “out of hand.”

    If you want to know, people used to think they were better… saved for this. What is my relationship to this situation? I get tormented in private, by people monitoring me in private, actually… little sounds and my computer… how people have come to treat me. Now, it’s like it’s for her and not me. So? What is everyone’s problem with me? I am not really impressed by their manners and said competing but attacking choices.

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    I added my comment to my last post.

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  • Facebook

  • Off 👼🏼

    I feel turned off sexually, maybe a good thing, maybe some leftover-

  • Facebook

  • Settled 🛏️

    I showered and did the dishes. Things are tidy. I can go to bed.

  • Edit

    I changed the link to my account at Plato’s Cave! to the post history.


  • Selling Myself 🎹

    Maybe, I can get a folding keyboard in April and sell my playing a classical song, for under $200.

    I can get a tablet to do art on, too, for under $200, but I don’t know what technology is out there, on tablets for art.

  • Updates

    I moved My Webpages over.

    I added a page for Message Boards on the top of this blog and under it have Plato’s Cave!

  • ~energy~ 💚

    I wonder if I should still try to sell or just keep “flipping burgers” and use spare time to advance in classical/Baroque Violin. It might take me a lot of time to get licensed to sell. Plus, I cook more now. I might try to learn to sell little by little until they consult me otherwise. I was also considering, if I had to leave McDonald’s 10 minutes walking from home, I could take a bus to be a cashier at Popeye’s. I also want to learn German. At least, I just tidied up my apartment and now can live. It could be a little more tidy, like the stuff I piled on my desk. I have an L desk and half of it is art.I have my violin up, too. I may get a little more space soon, in the kitchen.

  • Ice Cream 🍨

  • Dinner

  • Sizzling 🍳

    I can hear the liquid on the chicken sizzling.

  • Leftover 🕳️

    In a way, I didn’t really win. I didn’t come online young. We got MySpace later and Facebook. Johnny Depp said farewell it seems in 2010.

  • Ready to Turn Over 🔥

    I’m waiting for the oil etc. to stop sizzling to take it out. I left the oven open.

  • Cooking 🍗🍗🍗🍗🍗🍗🍗

    The chicken is almost ready to turn over and cook for 20 more minutes or 25.

  • Happy Home 🏡

    I’m happy things are mostly tidied up.

    I’m cooking the chicken! It seems like lemon pepper almost, has lemon and 2 kinds of pepper!

  • Cleaned 🧹

    I just took out the trash and put away my laundry and tidied up general things. I just have to do dishes now and clear my table with dishes on it.

  • Already… 🤪

    I also don’t believe in what people in the New Orleans area do to bad kids… flip them around “sexually.”

  • Following Me Around 🛩

    I wonder if I could move somewhere okay, but the people monitoring me in private did follow me around from Orlando, probably with some petty excuse.

    Is there really something wrong with this apartment?

    Also, if I wonder about something, they turn it into something unstable…

  • College 🥹

    Herzing has a good Bachelor of Science in Psychology program.

    If I can get financial aid, I might do it. It feels safe, like cooking at McDonald’s. I really way to play Baroque violin in Germany. I’m also studying to sell, would only need to sell once a month to collect proper income. I need to study. Most people seem to finish in a few weeks or are hoped to do so. I wonder if I could afford to get a Masters. There are Masters in psychology where you deal with things like personality and probably some cool doctorates. I think you can even study in England, and my dad was invited to Germany. It may be harder for me to succeed than my parents because of my mixed race, half South/East/Northeast Asian genetically. Me going to college online is so I’m not “flipping burgers” the rest of my life. When I clean my apartment, I may consider trying to work at Popeye’s as a cashier, but I like it here at McDonald’s.

  • “Ghey”

    Even after saying I didn’t lose one of my favorite things as punishment, now it’s bad if I feel good mostly.

    They are too “ghey” to say they do anything that’s not the lady and pretend she’s bad.

  • Fakers

    Everyone thinks people who act fake because they didn’t make it and are bad are the way to be for me, suddenly/gradually.

  • Sneaky

    They’re suggesting after claiming they didn’t take away one of my favorite things to hurt me that I’m bad to replace it with anything.

  • Nuisance

    The people where I live in Cleveland keep digging to make me think something is wrong with the lady, like it’s best, and whining to her like they’re her favorites, compared to Orlando, for being from a colder climate than me. You can always find a problem from them.

  • School 🗣

    I might study German online at a school in Ohio, not sure if there’s a major online. I think it goes up to a 3rd level. There are other online colleges with German, at least elsewhere.

  • Refreshment 🧊

    This lime infused water is refreshing!

  • Ohio/Cleveland ⛵

    They don’t listen and see something shiny for someone and take it away and also think it’s for them.

  • Spaghetti

  • In the Right 🙅🏼‍♀️

    I’m in the right. I also didn’t eat away at my life.

  • Waiting a Long Time 🕰

    This is taking a long time, and I’ve been waiting for it to stop.

  • Showered 🚿

    I wonder if I should make some spaghetti and meatballs.

    Tomorrow, I need to take out trash, fold laundry, and tidy up a little otherwise. I also have to wash my uniform for work Tuesday at 5 PM. I work 5-10, 5 days in a row. It’s okay, only a 10 minute walk from home.

  • More College Ideas 📚

    I looked at Pre-Nursing, an AA in General Studies.

    I also ended up in a Bachelor’s in Psychology, take it I would take it all the way up to a doctorate and do big things.

  • Twitter

  • Update

    Top of Blog > Column #2

  • College

    It’s online. I don’t have a car, anyway, and work.

  • My Future With College 🪖

    I registered for information for a Bachelor’s in Military History.

    I don’t want to be old and tired with nothing to do.

  • Update

    I’m working on…

    Top of Blog > Last Column

    My Forum

  • Taco Shell Crust Pepperoni Pizza 🍕

  • Lime Infused Water 💚💚💚💚

  • Next Month – Better Food 🥒 🍗 🍛 🍋 🍑 🥧 🍵

    I chose to spend my extra money after bills on food and rather healthier and more interesting with Pinterest recipes. Pinterest recipes really helped compared to otherwise.

  • Kitchen 🍋🍋

    I just got 2 lemons, 3 limes, cornstarch for chicken, and 2 packs of onion ring chips.

    I cleaned dishes and have some soaking.

    I need to make some lemon and lime infused water.

  • Fractured Logic

    Someone is testing me. I keep being told I’m what I am at 2, in bad ways, but not even from the supposedly nice place I grew up, compared to others in ways. Baby Boomers trash some of my generation like that.

  • More

    There’s more, like picking on me for having a thought about what’s right and okay and why.

  • Upset

    I think I’m just upset one of my favorite things were taken away supposedly because I did something that annoyed people that shouldn’t have been that big a deal. It’s an inconvenience to me, maybe, that things like that mean big things, considering how my life is, like no one cares and no one notices.

    They acted like they wouldn’t do that but keep worrying and are getting upset at me for feeling bad.

    No one can forget about it. Now, someone is stepping in, and people are acting like she is making it worse.

  • Article


    “Perhaps you’re already quite familiar with the Mozart violin concertos, or at least familiar enough with Mozart to have developed strong feelings about his music. If so, you’re probably in one of two camps: the first group think Mozart is the bee’s knees, the second think that he’s overrated. If you’re in that latter camp, I hope that this record will surprise you and make you reconsider any preconceived notions you may hold about what Mozart can sound like. If you’re in the former group, well, here’s another great album of his music!

    “The Freiburg Baroque Orchestra is one of my personal favorite ensembles for not only historically informed performances of music throughout the centuries, but also among more conventional orchestras. … The Freiburg orchestra has got an overall sound with period instruments that adds a cutting-edge’s sharpness to the strings and a patina-like sound, well-seasoned by the years, to the horns that avoids any semblance of kitsch while still presenting the listener with an overall sound-world that stands out. This record is no different, and I’ve listened to other versions of these three concerti to try to figure out exactly what made von der Goltz and his orchestra’s performance outstanding to me.

    “… Some waking sleeper’s morning has just started and, who better to wake them than typical exuberant Mozart? In other versions, the orchestra still comes in from silence, of course, but maybe the prominence of the double basses in Freiburg’s version gives it a little more oomph. I don’t know what it is about the 1720 violin that von der Goltz plays, or his playing itself, but the character of the sound also grabs my attention. In other recordings of this concerto to which I’ve listened, particularly those not on period instruments, the primary differences are in things like tempo and the minute variations in how one bows. In the present record, if you gave the violinist a different instrument, I doubt it would have the same voice at all. The booklet highlights that in the rondos of the three concerti there is “a surprising minor-key episode… [that leads to] something even more extravagant.” This is no understatement in either of the three concerti, and in the first one recorded, the minor-key section leads to what can be best described as some really jiggy fiddling. For my part, at least, it makes me want to dance. In other versions, this part has less abandon and so comes across as less folksy. I also notice how, in the Freiburg version, the string section is much more in the foreground—they’re with the soloist. I love how this concerto ends, like a question mark to mirror the beginning.

    “Almost like a scattering flock, the music from the strings and horns, with organized chaos, concludes. Similar to the allegretto that follows the minor andante section in the Violin Concerto No. 3, there’s a surprising rusticity to the piano assai in the fourth concerto; as described in the booklet, von der Goltz indeed plays the open G in such a way that it is very reminiscent of a bagpipe; in other versions, this effect is apparent as well, and this is one way in which everything I listened to aligned, probably because it is an open-string note. The Freiburg recording still sounds especially good to me because of how foregrounded the orchestra is.

    “The Violin Concerto No. 5 in A Major features my favorite of the rondos because of the alla turca theme which features reversed bows. With the whip-like sound of the wood on the strings, the acid arco to contrast, the bright horns… how can I not air-conduct? The particularly adamant harsh-musicality with which the Freiburg orchestra performed this section is only nigh-matched by one other of the recordings I selected, and yet they still manage to have their own distinct, attractive sound. All in all, I think that you’ll be glad you heard this one.”

    This article is from NY … a place that accepts anyone there?

    Well, they are like any other orchestra, it’s about people who can play all the notes “tipping the boat.”

  • Update

    Top of Blog

    > My Webpages >

    Websites by Me:
    Petra Müllejans

  • Affected 🫶

    The lady says she is not affected by people, often in general, yet is always saying she does things to work around them, ultimately. People are always on about her, not my topic of choice, as her wish is?

  • “Why Me?”

    People just decided to ruin my life and not others’.

  • March Budget

  • My Past, Present, and Future

    It’s like people “have me in their hands,” yet “no one cares what happens to me.”

    Whatever you want you won’t find in Ohio right now or Cleveland.

  • Why I Was Tired

    I walked with someone to a bus station far away last night after work.

  • Work Soon

    For some reason, I am tired.


    As in feeling weighted down and thirsty.

    I need my pills, less sugary junk, etc., which may be very doable.

    I need to tidy up my apartment.

  • Me

  • Me

  • Certain Musicians 𓏢

    People who play an instrument that play chords and melody and who also work with singing at the same time … are they short and frail? Like, ones born before the 1980s who maybe started as a kid? Are they legends? Have they performed in Ireland? Are they popular?

  • Fruit Soda Pop 🍹

  • Newfallen Snow ☃

    The ground was covered in a maybe thick blanket of white before 3 A.M. and still is.

  • Dinner

  • Vlog

  • Me

  • The “Little” Things

    When something is unnecessary and extra, someone comes up.

    When something happens to be joyful and become vital, it gets taken away by another. It sounds like it’s just a punishment and other good things could still be, but I chose not to look at it that way.

  • How I Figured This Out

    If you wanted to get rid of something, why would you get rid of one of my favorites?… and not able to get rid of everything?

    Did it come to be a fling?

    Why not figure something else out? It is social, though, and like being trapped.

    A lot of silly excuses are associated but were unnecessary to be incited by anything.


  • Bye! 👋

    It’s time for work!

  • Surprise 😅

    I did just seem to realize they did it on purpose but didn’t have to.

  • I’m in the right. 😬

    I didn’t already argue, and no one has anything good to say to me.

  • Already Settled 🫣

    I have already decided that something good was taken from me, sorta like for no reason. It’s not like hey this thing that was worse was better.

  • Art

    Dolphin Show Photo
  • The Music

  • Update

    My Webpages

    Insurance Sales Study Guide (Ohio Life Insurance) – 1

  • Like New Orleans or Even Florida 🌴

    I am from Florida and New Orleans. People from far off say they are more like New Orleans, but now I’m Up North and I’m the who who’s lived in New Orleans, for 6 years as a teenager. I’m from Florida, and people who moved from Up North say their ancestral state is more like Florida and so I’m not good enough to be from Florida. New Orleanians act like they’re the real Floridians, too.

  • McDonald’s 💻

    They seemed to make up rules for me, so I think I will report it and not stay here. It happened in a complicated way, but they said I couldn’t eat here this far before work.. I’ll tell someone in charge of them.

    I have an interview at Popeye’s. I also applied to work at a jail, here..

    I’m eating, work is at 5.

  • Good Afternoon! 🎊

  • Feeling Weary and Uncertain and Inconvenienced 😪

    Since one of my favorite things being taken away and me trying to be happy with some other things, it’s not really working as much.

  • Hopelessness 😳

    Well, I came to a safe place, and now it just seems like a dump.

    I’m in a small studio apartment after going to a group home, when my parents got sick and died.

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