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  • The Examples

    I’d like to be capped off as good.

    I don’t want everyone to be thrown up and tossed out.

  • Garbage

    The police came back for him and I have to take it out.

  • Construction

    They’re fixing the door the police broke down nextdoor.

  • Snow

    It’s been snowing all day.

  • Frozen Cherries and Apple Juice

    Picture missing! Batteries.

    I also had like 16 oz of iced coffee, as usual.

  • The Eggs

  • Next Month

  • Forgot to post this.

  • Breakfast Meats

  • Huel

  • Some of Breakfast

  • Applied for Another Job

    Interview Thursday morning.

    Cake decorating assistant at a grocery store. $15/hour full time. I can reach my maximum of what I’m allowed to make on Survivor’s benefits or more. If I make more per year, I’ll have to work and not get Survivor’s benefits.

  • New Strategies

    I can apply for higher paying job opportunities to pay off my debts. If necessary, I may be able to get a hardship loan.

    I can make a list of groceries to get when I can’t afford dinner on DoorDash. I got some more ideas. It’s about variety if you don’t have much energy and time to cook.

  • The Fleeting Things

    L.A. The Oscars. It’s gone, with shutting off the afterparty and having done the road/carpet.

    I may go back to work with Easter Bunny photos! My dreams also left with Christmas Eve and with the end of February.

    I guess Chick-fil-A in East Cleveland is an event of the past, nostalgically getting out of that group home soon, left here with nothing but my lump sum.

  • Job

    I may do Easter Bunny photos and get more hours than McDonald’s, quit after this week. The boss at the Easter Bunny photos said to get a job for between Easter and Christmas. McDonald’s doesn’t give me much hours and keeps cutting more, on the spot.

  • Grocery List

    I’ve used all my money. I get paid Wednesday or Thursday. I asked my younger brother for savings, think $93 was stolen from.

  • Grocery List, So Far ๐Ÿ›๏ธ

    The fruit is to put in cold water and ice.


    For free delivery is $35.

    Breakfast is easy, also Oats Overnight coming in, 1-2 cartons of eggs, frozen fruit and apple juice for little smoothies, Huel powder drink, 2 servings of iced coffee, … Oats Overnight and Huel are supposedly each meals.

    I have like $60 and getting $400 from work I think. I should have more that was stolen etc. and so should use savings for more, have to ask my younger brother. I have to pay like $175 for phone and internet. A few small fees. Some debt payment might be taken. I just need money in the long run or get a loan if possible with bad credit?

  • Trick or Treat ๐ŸŽƒ

    Another secret is you can get a full meal and beverage on DoorDash, with DashPass, for $26 or a little over. If you get fast food, it’s like $15 or a little over, trying to get the $12 minimum in it seems most places for the free delivery with DashPass or without maybe, and then the tip and some kind of tax or something. If you just get fast food, you’ll be dialing for enough food, if you can’t always cook elaborate meals on your own. Also, the fast food gets gross or may grow unappealing. I work at McDonald’s with food.

  • Sonic

    It opens in 19 minutes. DashPass.

  • What I Learned About How Much It Costs to Eat Good … How Extra Money Really Is …

    Don’t limit yourself to cheap pizza chains and cheap fried chicken.

    Huel is a good muscle builder powdered drink in the mail and I think is very natural.

    If you’re not a cook or not used to cooking, you may not be able to have the energy and leisure of recreation to dedicate to piecing together an experiment of meals on Pinterest which is at best. So, don’t bet your money on saving by not ever eating out..

    When you order DoorDash, get the full meal – entree, large drink, and large side. You’ll be thankful later. You won’t be cranky ordering coffee for $15 one morning. Get the double hamburgers, too. Then, you can eat at home sometimes and still get enough to eat out.

    You need snacks, and fresh food sometimes is more needed, like I got My Mochi Asian healthy ice cream balls and I magnet to them. They’re just a little expensive and can be consumed in satisfying moderation.

    Get coffee and I eat 2 servings of an iced coffee.

    Breakfast groceries: 2 cartons of eggs for what $7, bacon for $6 or larger, sausage for $6, the coffee mix or whatever, frozen fruit and apple juice for at least a small/medium smoothie, Huel or other health drink, Oats Overnight looks good and I’m waiting for it… meanwhile finishing up cereal. I also put syrup a bit with my sausage. Omelettes were good, too.

    Good quick meal: Dave’s Bread and tuna with mayo. My Dave’s Bread was healthy and sweet, the one with many grains and seeds or many seeds I got when the other was out.

    It seems I’m missing a meal or so.

    I also recommend and want to try to make a list, at least on my computer and have no printer, of what’s in your kitchen, especially as a go to snack. I got ice cream, which they were out, with DoorDash and then coffee, and I realized I do have some yogurt to finish. I just woke up.

    Get at least 1 little bag of salad mix but not too much so you don’t throw it away.

    Water with lemon and lime sitting in a pitcher is great for energy and stuff!

    If you have a big kitchen or a clean kitchen, maybe you can cut up a grapefruit, etc., as a snack.

    Apples, bananas, and oranges/mandarins/clementines/tangerines… The bananas are quick and spoil fast.

    So, don’t bet on it being easy and not eating out like an overly strict diet. You can take a loan and try to make extra money, like selling insurance (though I’m finding the licensing course hard/lengthy to really do well at least and not get stuck wondering) … to supplement your income or pay back the debt. You know, PayPal Credit, Credit Fresh, Net Credit, all I know. PayPal, they shut mine down in exchange I pay back slowly, but I don’t know if it has as much interest as the other 2. Family First Life, you can get licensed free in 1 month or $45 to add another month to study. It looks competitive. You can probably keep applying if you get rejected. I’m studying it again right now for maybe a 3rd try here. Modeling, you might take courses once a week for 2 months and then you take time off work and it’s part time for some/many, so you might not be able to count on getting rich quick.

    Yea, I don’t have any extra money to spend on pleasure or normal things like TV, movies… I do have a Black Card membership with Planet Fitness but work 5 days standing and use the bus. I did get a keyboard this month for extra income hopefully selling online. TuneCore as well as Bandcamp and I found more. TuneCore distributes to over 150 digital stores, including iTunes, Amazon, YouTube, and Spotify. It’s $14.99 for that. It may take 2 months to get paid or something. It goes on sale after review they said 1-2 days but now 6-8 it seems, busy. I’m playing classical songs on piano, like so far Fur Elise, many people play who don’t know how. I was actually a piano major. I’ve been playing violin the past several years, though. Piano is good to learn the science of music and sell without background help. You could record solo with a MIDI not copyrighted, not used that much yet. It takes some time to get good at piano or you have to have quality taking it in or good teaching etc. I just have it under my fingers. I know how to play with chords, not sure who does or doesn’t. I went to a top music school.

  • Ah!

    My hands cut open and it’s been hard to type.

    I’m probably going to sleep soon, in bed.

  • Update

    I added my last post to the favorites.

  • Reminding Myself of the Best Times Online ๐Ÿš€

    I liked roaming around the social internet. I remember when WordPress was not as known. 2008-2009.

    Even in trying times, there was hope. I remember watching this favorite YouTube video online before it was taken down before I could decide to replicate it. 2021-2022.

    It’s just those moments you manage to have, even in “trying times.”

  • College

    I am applying to get my AA at The Baptist College of Florida online, maybe 5 more courses, starting May 22nd for the Summer. Math, Science, 2 Religions, and Technology. I might go for 2 courses per semester, 1 at the end and hopefully move out.

  • Update

    Online Store – My Piano Playing

    Fรผr Elise (3/10/2023)

  • Blog Post

  • Baby Boomers

    They sure are troublemakers, on the whole.

  • Update

    I added the Facebook Comment by Me 2 posts ago to the list of favorite posts in another column, 3rd which is short now.


  • Edit

    I edited my last post.

  • Facebook Comment by Me

  • WOW – What a find!

  • Me

  • Update

  • Snow! ๐Ÿ‘†๐Ÿป

  • Huel

  • Fรผr Elise

    I released it, should show up in a day to a little over a week.

    I’m not sure when I get paid.

    It’s getting sent to like 50-100 places.

  • Dinner

    Pizza was closed after work at 10 PM.

  • T.G.I.F. – Whiskey Burger ๐Ÿ”๐ŸŸ

    It comes in about an hour or so.

  • “Up to No Good”

    What is so good about taking someone like me who is happy and dispersing information that maybe I’m not good enough?

  • Dolls

    I want minus 2 or plus 1, when I have more money.

  • Thermos

    Accidental buy.

  • Applied for a Summer or Sooner Job…

    …before students apply for my job maybe?

    To help out around at the orchestra, janitor, setting things up, and other things.

    I wanted to be a janitor, patrol, or housekeeper. So, I guess I’ll start looking, now. I applied directly on the website.

  • Question?

    What if she is lying?

  • No Communicating

    The lady communicated to me, but now I just get told I’m selfish. She might be “no good,” now. How does it help if it will never be?

  • Game

    They said if I was good, I could have a “relationship,” but I don’t trust them and am gonna go back to cursing when I want. I can show physical anger, too, but craziness is not my wish, like “masturbation.”

  • No Royalty Fee

    Selling my performance of old classical music may be considered a royalty and not count towards the limit of income for Survivors Benefits.

  • Itinerary

    Piano – Classical/Folk

    Songs to Record This Week
    – Fur Elise (German)
    – Simple Gifts / “Lord of the Dance” (American)
    – O Waly Waly / The Water Is Wide / There Is a Ship (Scottish)

    Songs to Record Later or as Soon as Possible
    – Rondo Alla Turca (German)
    – Golliwog’s Cakewalk (French)
    – Pictures at an Exhibition – The Great Gate of Kiev (Eastern European)

    They will all go into a final album of 6 songs for $4.99 or $0.99 each on YouTube, iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, etc., Facebook..

  • Buying 2 Dolls, Selling Music

    I was going to get other toys but thought I’d get another doll. If they were cheaper, I might have gotten 3.

    I am actually hoping to sell myself playing Fur Elise for $0.99, soon. I’m set up at TuneCore to sell on YouTube, iTunes, Amazon, and Spotify, possibly other places. I imagine I’m make some dollars soon. I’m working on 3 harder songs to make an album of all 4. I’m not sure if you can load audio files to YouTube, but I’ll try and see. Otherwise, I can make a video, blank or with some art I can make. I might paint the cover for the album, maybe an exotic flower or an exotic flower with a made up exotic animal.

    Here is the YouTube I am selling my music on: link.

  • Dolls

    I got the first one the other day since the box was damaged and it was $9-$10. The 2nd one I got tonight. They are Baby Alive.

  • Me

  • Europeโ€ฆ

    Is Indonesia the oldest Europeanized non-European culture?

  • Doll

    I got a Baby Alive doll in a damaged box for $10.

  • Children

    Only Late Baby Boomers can love children โ€ฆ for glory.

  • ๐Ÿ™„

    Is the lady only for people with children?

  • ๐Ÿซฅ

    Does Germany like Orlando?

  • People ๐ŸŽถ

    Are you getting tired of people acting like they’re “over the top?”

  • Book! w/Toys

  • Target Instacart+ ๐ŸŽฏ

    It could be here in an hour, shopper has started distributing … “the goods.”

  • Pressured Like Other People

    Why are we pressured to look like other people?

  • Facebook

    New Facebook Post and Replies


  • Target Instacart+ Delivery ๐Ÿ›๏ธ

    We’re a rare breed that emerged, addicted to healthier options.

    I got a deal on the Pizza Lunchables, spend $22 like $4 off.

    I’m also waiting for my Oats Over Night order. I got the best deal.

  • Chinese ๐Ÿงง

    10-15 minutes

  • Update

  • My Chinese ๐Ÿฒ

    Comes in 20-30 minutes.

  • Chinese ๐Ÿฅก

    Sesame Chicken

    (Roast Pork?) Fried Rice

    w/Egg Roll

    Roast Pork Egg Roll

    like 45 minutes to an hour

    $16-$17 (including the $1.25 tip)

  • The point?

    What is it to come all this way to say I want to make a controversy of Christina’s relative being better than her, like when Christina is so well-behaved all the time it might be her fault for relative’s problems. That only means it’s not my fault and is either no one’s, someone else’s, or that of people outside of the extended family.

  • New Facebook Posts and Responses

  • Silence!

    Jealous people are not even next in the hierarchy.

  • “Nice and Clean” or “Spick and Span” ๐Ÿงฝ

    Not only is the living area much much clearer, so is the kitchen! Finally, I swept and Swiffed! The bathroom, too! I do have to rearrange stuff in my bathroom, but it’s not dirty. I can walk in the door, too. My violin books are next to my violin, would be nice on a shelf or something that doesn’t take space. I don’t know if furniture would go good, there, maybe a small shelf. My folding keyboard is on my L desk with my art stuff. I am on my bed on my laptop, but sometimes I eat on my L desk. Sometimes, I eat in the kitchen, more often on the L desk. There are cheaper apartments nearby that probably are not studios, so this really sucks. Maybe, I get more utilities and the full laundry machines in the apartment. I have to send a video of why one laundry machine I have doesn’t work and get a $39 partial refund and get it disposed of properly. “Speaking of which,” I eventually have to wash my uniform for work tomorrow and hang it, to work at 4 PM. I hope nothing weird happens and that my classical piano recordings sell and I live a comfortable life. I haven’t played much, stopped majoring in piano in 2005. Still, people like it.

  • Trash ๐Ÿšฎ

    I took out the trash that was ready.

    It wasn’t bad with my raincoat and rainboots.

  • Cleaning ๐Ÿงน๐ŸŒง๏ธ

    I just did a lot of cleaning, the kitchen and bathroom floors, put the food in the new big bin from the bags…

    It’s raining, but I have to take out the trash.

    Oh well, it may not stop raining/snowing, so I will go take out the trash anyway, probably use my raincoat and rainboots.

  • Naptime? ๐Ÿ›Œ๐Ÿป

  • Getting My Ceiling Painted

    It was dripping, and they want to make it white/clean.

    I might go for a walk..

  • Laundry ๐Ÿงบ

    I’m doing laundry since I’m about out of underwear and work starts tomorrow for 5 days again.

  • Coffee โ˜•

    I just got iced coffee mix, mocha, with sugar this time, not much option for sugar free. I wonder how much sugar is in it. I just have to open the package~

  • Music Major 2004-2005…

    They made a big deal at the end of the year that I did Music Education, but I also wanted to do Performance at the beginning of the year.

    I could have been great.

  • Oats Overnight ๐Ÿฅ›๐ŸŒพ๐Ÿซ˜๐Ÿซ

    I just got Oats Overnight. $63 for 24 “meals,” this time plus the cup free.

    Better than 4 poptarts, bacon, etc., which I tried doing today. I’m really worried about my health. It has some savory flavors for different tastebuds.

  • “World of Opportunity”

    In the New Orleans area as a preteen and teenager, it was like there was a “world of opportunity,” but they made a fuss I didn’t know I had to audition for Talented Music. It was fun when I got in, most fun the first year before I got in when I got to do some things.

  • Dessert Earlier

    I have other frosting.

  • “The Very Idea”

    At my old church in Orlando, Florida, USA, my pastor played a slide with music that was so effective and faded in the distance.

    I was a music major, switched from piano to having wanted violin, and I have been monitored in private for years and years, not successfully doing anything.

    The pastor seemed to suggest that they do it to someone else, suggestively, like they are just “using” people who have “stuff.” You know, like I get disposed of…

  • Keyboard

    The first time 6 hours, usually 4 hours, to charge. So, I can charge it while I’m at work or at night when I sleep or both.

  • Keyboard

    I have to charge it for 6+ hours so like 4 AM.

  • Dinner

    I also had white cheese crackers and salad. I had filtered water.

  • TuneCore

    I joined TuneCore. You sell your music for free on YouTube or iTunes etc., lots of stuff though! I have a free membership.

    I sold my folk singing years ago, and my parents bought it! ๐Ÿคฃ

  • “A Motley Crew”

    All intelligible thought from me leads to that someone else gets the lady, apparently in their mind’s eye. They all caught on.

  • “We’re in the money.” ๐Ÿ’ธ

    Now that I found that lady, I’m not “in the money,” anymore.

  • Dinner

  • Me

  • Getting Sore and Uptight

    I felt better after eating more and getting more rest, but I’m feeling tired, again, my muscles pumped up.

    I have been working for 2-3 months. I use my arms, stand, bend down, and walk. I was thinking of being a cashier. I work at McDonald’s and was thinking of moving to Popeye’s or maybe Wendy’s… I am from the New Orleans area like Popeye’s, and they do like Wendy’s more than McDonald’s almost, it seems. I thought it would be fun since I lived in New Orleans. I’m not 100% sure if this is true, but I think I have off 2 days after today. I try to exercise, and it makes me more sore and tired?

  • To Be Missed

    I’ll miss the days being hot in bed with my weak tower fan and all the struggles, trials, and supposed triumphs of life.

  • Nighty Night

    I cleaned my apartment and set up a fan etc. tonight and am tired and going to bed, been physically sore at work some.

  • Doing Things as Opposed To…

    It’s funny about how I’m supposed to do something and not sleep so readily, but no one talks? like posts online. Seriously, blogging and picking up where life left off and not just posting after that they had babies. Did the interwebz grow old and die, then? Affirmation~

  • Cleaned My Apartment

    I cleaned much of my apartment. I just don’t have the things in my drawers etc. organized enough.

    I set up a fan since it’s so hot at night, Clevelanders probably like to keep warm and I’m in an apartment and my AC like bombed after being new.

    I also got my keyboard but didn’t open it yet.

    I got my book and toys that go with it, too.

    My apartment is much much cleaner and has lots more open space. It was taxing my leg muscles to walk around things and they hurt at work, probably partially from that but also other things.

    I did have to buy DoorDash yesterday before deciding on groceries as delivery. I hope I don’t have to ask my younger brother for any of my money. I’m just happy to be safe and sound.

    I hope I can sell music I practice on my keyboard. If it does break, I can go to a college or something. I could do it in a practice room.

    Sometimes, I just don’t like to think about being poor and just want to go to bed.

    I want to sell on iTunes and advertise it in the description of my YouTube video samples. I am doing classical songs. I have to print out more at the library. It may not be spectacular or much work, but it may be a breadwinner.

    I also am studying to get licensed to sell, only have to sell to 1 person a month to live off of.

    I still want to play violin.

  • Status of Feeling

    The Freiburger Barockorchester is a proud orchestra? Also, they don’t let me post online and acted like they had something for me… This business is funny, and proud/”egotistical.” They stick together, but I’m sorta messed with just to be gotten rid of. They also say one person is too good for me but joke also for them, anyway, but I’m not worse than them.

  • New Orleans ๐Ÿ›

    New Orleans is like an inch worm, inching its way towards favoritism and sin.

  • Wendy’s ๐Ÿ”๐Ÿฅ—๐Ÿฆ

  • So, what? โ˜ 

    Everyone’s just waiting ’til I’m dead, somehow.

  • Something Wrong

    What if I never get anything? What should I live for?

    Like these disturbing people, why is this in my life like they’re all that and say I did something wrong and control my life?

  • What I Should Have Had, Had, and Have

    What if something I thought I “had” to “have” I never get? Are you gonna start to wonder why, hm?

  • “Back to Life, Back to Reality”

    People don’t realize we’re all people, and in the end I have my own responsibilities and {privacy or not,} and I have to meet my own needs, too, of how I feel and including what I deserve and/or earn.

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