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  • “That’s a wrap!”

    Are mentally ill people people who didn’t live out their dreams in art or music? Mental health professionals like to make their clients, maybe especially youth, do art and sometimes there is music somewhere. I guess other people, who may not be critically mentally ill, are too old and just want their kids and try […]

  • “You’re never too old to play the piano.”

    Even health professionals believe classical music is to be done on the side, having studied it in their school days, now can play. Imagine when art and music were invented, of course, artists and musicians had started older, or, at least, people don’t all start as toddlers or small children. Some people try to start […]

  • Smart Art

    Are very talented artists and musicians considered smart? Art – “On Top” Maybe, Picasso and Van Gogh are a bit childlike, but what about Michelangelo? Music – “The Leaderboard” I found Mozart to be very childlike. People thrive on Christmas carols. Andrew Lloyd Webber does say some of his work is for youth. Art – […]

  • Who’s who?

    How can a psychiatrist/psychologist have a psychiatric/psychological disorder, if s/he knows what s/he is doing? It seems typical for a musician to have schizophrenia. It seems typical for an artist to have autism. I desire to be a social and artistic personality, but I’m a psychological personality.

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