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  • “Logan’s Run” (1976)


    This is reminding me of Beethoven and his classical music compositions, how epic and fleeting it all has been, to me.

    I may have a modeling interview tomorrow. I may have to sign a contract for a year and earn maybe $40K-$70K I am guessing. I already told them I want to act.

    I would like to star in a remake, as opposed to there, say, being none, because I feel like that and I’m “that age,” 36.

    Acting is good for interaction, like exercise is good for the body and being attractive and likable, as well as eating well.

    It was important that I had experience, in getting this interview, when I was younger, in training and performing. They seemed to be preparing to close up shop, and they just wanted to know I had been positive in my interest impending/due, to know exactly where I was.

    …This movie also reminds me of Willy Wonka or Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. It’s about a transition, from either child to young adult … or from “mid life crisis” past death and transcending life. After all, living things are made to live and we only die because we didn’t make what is meant to be and striven for. The elders in the Jewish culture apparently are also very important. I know because I’ve been Catholic-

    This movie is also reminiscent of Star Wars and 2001: A Space Odyssey.

    It’s a historical monument to me, I just happen to be doing many things, like violin and classical music. I also like to do art. I’ve been doing things like gymnastics classes and ballet, as well, which were a big deal to me since I was little. “I got it from my mom…” My dad played guitar.

    If I didn’t get to do something like this movie, I wonder if I could build up and take acro dance and find a place to move to that has flying trapeze classes. I did gymnastics to build up to this, and ballet is a classical art like classical music and opera. I will probably try other modeling places if this one does not work out or I don’t get accepted. I could also try just going into film acting, again, or starting off with things like commercials. TV might be good, too, but I was thinking of using the money for my artistic endeavors otherwise that are just as valuable if not more.

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