Day: March 14, 2023

  • Me

  • Dinner

  • Home Videos? Today

  • California

    I didn’t mean you couldn’t be how you are, but I want to be how I am, as with anyone yet in different ways.

  • Home From Work!

    Hot dogs are ready!

  • Smoothie

  • Oats Overnight

    Good, filling.

  • More Breakfast

  • Some of Breakfast

  • Jobs

    I applied to work at a grocery store stocking full time for $16+/hour, Chipotle maybe starting $15/hour, and Taco Bell I think cooking which is usually $15/hour.

  • It feels like the vacation/weekend should have just started at this moment. πŸ—ΊοΈ

    It feels like the weekend wasn’t really a weekend to me. Sunday was the Oscar preshow mostly. I took out trash after the police were nextdoor finally and did even at 2 AM for convenience this time. I was tired, figuring things out about money and jobs, my hands started off cutting open.

    Well, I finally cleaned up awhile ago and it’s only getting better. I figured out my money problems.

  • Anime πŸ˜€

    Why just sketch Anime when you can design Pokemon…

  • Pokemon πŸ’

    I wanna collect stuffed Pokemon and the new ones that come off the originals, so cute!

  • Update

    Under my piano store, I listed my YouTube for selling.

  • Settled πŸ•―οΈ

    I installed my water purifier on my kitchen sink. I showered. I had taken out the trash after unpacking stuff I needed from the past couple weeks maybe. I had tuna on Dave’s Bread. I am having white cheddar crackers and lemon water.

    I need to wake up at like 9:45 AM for my groceries, may go back to bed and wake up at noon. I have to clear out my refrigerator for this stuff today and in my freezer. Work is at 4, I have to leave at like 3.

    Yea, I thought I could wait to take out the trash when something happened, police took someone before who they took back, and today I took out the trash at 2 AM. Oh, and I have to hang my uniform, maybe wet the shirt so it’s not wrinkled and maybe pants, though I was supposed to wear something for my country tomorrow, which may come in the mail, was late so far 1 day, and I have something new from the kid’s section for $7 for Saint Patrick’s Day. I like it but don’t know if the stress of why did I spend money is worth it. I wonder if it would be too stressful to take the bus to work full time, like wake up at 5 or 6 and get back at like 5 or 6. 2 days off. Maybe. McDonald’s is cutting me off, so I may have to leave now. $15/hour full time sounds good. On Survivor’s benefits, that covers the max I can make.

  • Update

    I added the last post to favorites.

  • Gossip πŸ«‚

    I want to make it like a cute, hot, well-loved fair blonde German-American.

    It’s okay, if I’m “Chinese.” Well, 1/2.

  • Grocery Delivery Tomorrow 10AM-12PM πŸ›’

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