What I Learned About How Much It Costs to Eat Good … How Extra Money Really Is …

Don’t limit yourself to cheap pizza chains and cheap fried chicken.

Huel is a good muscle builder powdered drink in the mail and I think is very natural.

If you’re not a cook or not used to cooking, you may not be able to have the energy and leisure of recreation to dedicate to piecing together an experiment of meals on Pinterest which is at best. So, don’t bet your money on saving by not ever eating out..

When you order DoorDash, get the full meal – entree, large drink, and large side. You’ll be thankful later. You won’t be cranky ordering coffee for $15 one morning. Get the double hamburgers, too. Then, you can eat at home sometimes and still get enough to eat out.

You need snacks, and fresh food sometimes is more needed, like I got My Mochi Asian healthy ice cream balls and I magnet to them. They’re just a little expensive and can be consumed in satisfying moderation.

Get coffee and I eat 2 servings of an iced coffee.

Breakfast groceries: 2 cartons of eggs for what $7, bacon for $6 or larger, sausage for $6, the coffee mix or whatever, frozen fruit and apple juice for at least a small/medium smoothie, Huel or other health drink, Oats Overnight looks good and I’m waiting for it… meanwhile finishing up cereal. I also put syrup a bit with my sausage. Omelettes were good, too.

Good quick meal: Dave’s Bread and tuna with mayo. My Dave’s Bread was healthy and sweet, the one with many grains and seeds or many seeds I got when the other was out.

It seems I’m missing a meal or so.

I also recommend and want to try to make a list, at least on my computer and have no printer, of what’s in your kitchen, especially as a go to snack. I got ice cream, which they were out, with DoorDash and then coffee, and I realized I do have some yogurt to finish. I just woke up.

Get at least 1 little bag of salad mix but not too much so you don’t throw it away.

Water with lemon and lime sitting in a pitcher is great for energy and stuff!

If you have a big kitchen or a clean kitchen, maybe you can cut up a grapefruit, etc., as a snack.

Apples, bananas, and oranges/mandarins/clementines/tangerines… The bananas are quick and spoil fast.

So, don’t bet on it being easy and not eating out like an overly strict diet. You can take a loan and try to make extra money, like selling insurance (though I’m finding the licensing course hard/lengthy to really do well at least and not get stuck wondering) … to supplement your income or pay back the debt. You know, PayPal Credit, Credit Fresh, Net Credit, all I know. PayPal, they shut mine down in exchange I pay back slowly, but I don’t know if it has as much interest as the other 2. Family First Life, you can get licensed free in 1 month or $45 to add another month to study. It looks competitive. You can probably keep applying if you get rejected. I’m studying it again right now for maybe a 3rd try here. Modeling, you might take courses once a week for 2 months and then you take time off work and it’s part time for some/many, so you might not be able to count on getting rich quick.

Yea, I don’t have any extra money to spend on pleasure or normal things like TV, movies… I do have a Black Card membership with Planet Fitness but work 5 days standing and use the bus. I did get a keyboard this month for extra income hopefully selling online. TuneCore as well as Bandcamp and I found more. TuneCore distributes to over 150 digital stores, including iTunes, Amazon, YouTube, and Spotify. It’s $14.99 for that. It may take 2 months to get paid or something. It goes on sale after review they said 1-2 days but now 6-8 it seems, busy. I’m playing classical songs on piano, like so far Fur Elise, many people play who don’t know how. I was actually a piano major. I’ve been playing violin the past several years, though. Piano is good to learn the science of music and sell without background help. You could record solo with a MIDI not copyrighted, not used that much yet. It takes some time to get good at piano or you have to have quality taking it in or good teaching etc. I just have it under my fingers. I know how to play with chords, not sure who does or doesn’t. I went to a top music school.

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