Day: March 8, 2023

  • Applied for a Summer or Sooner Job…

    …before students apply for my job maybe?

    To help out around at the orchestra, janitor, setting things up, and other things.

    I wanted to be a janitor, patrol, or housekeeper. So, I guess I’ll start looking, now. I applied directly on the website.

  • Question?

    What if she is lying?

  • No Communicating

    The lady communicated to me, but now I just get told I’m selfish. She might be “no good,” now. How does it help if it will never be?

  • Game

    They said if I was good, I could have a “relationship,” but I don’t trust them and am gonna go back to cursing when I want. I can show physical anger, too, but craziness is not my wish, like “masturbation.”

  • No Royalty Fee

    Selling my performance of old classical music may be considered a royalty and not count towards the limit of income for Survivors Benefits.

  • Itinerary

    Piano – Classical/Folk

    Songs to Record This Week
    – Fur Elise (German)
    – Simple Gifts / “Lord of the Dance” (American)
    – O Waly Waly / The Water Is Wide / There Is a Ship (Scottish)

    Songs to Record Later or as Soon as Possible
    – Rondo Alla Turca (German)
    – Golliwog’s Cakewalk (French)
    – Pictures at an Exhibition – The Great Gate of Kiev (Eastern European)

    They will all go into a final album of 6 songs for $4.99 or $0.99 each on YouTube, iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, etc., Facebook..

  • Buying 2 Dolls, Selling Music

    I was going to get other toys but thought I’d get another doll. If they were cheaper, I might have gotten 3.

    I am actually hoping to sell myself playing Fur Elise for $0.99, soon. I’m set up at TuneCore to sell on YouTube, iTunes, Amazon, and Spotify, possibly other places. I imagine I’m make some dollars soon. I’m working on 3 harder songs to make an album of all 4. I’m not sure if you can load audio files to YouTube, but I’ll try and see. Otherwise, I can make a video, blank or with some art I can make. I might paint the cover for the album, maybe an exotic flower or an exotic flower with a made up exotic animal.

    Here is the YouTube I am selling my music on: link.

  • Dolls

    I got the first one the other day since the box was damaged and it was $9-$10. The 2nd one I got tonight. They are Baby Alive.

  • Me

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