“Nice and Clean” or “Spick and Span” 🧽

Not only is the living area much much clearer, so is the kitchen! Finally, I swept and Swiffed! The bathroom, too! I do have to rearrange stuff in my bathroom, but it’s not dirty. I can walk in the door, too. My violin books are next to my violin, would be nice on a shelf or something that doesn’t take space. I don’t know if furniture would go good, there, maybe a small shelf. My folding keyboard is on my L desk with my art stuff. I am on my bed on my laptop, but sometimes I eat on my L desk. Sometimes, I eat in the kitchen, more often on the L desk. There are cheaper apartments nearby that probably are not studios, so this really sucks. Maybe, I get more utilities and the full laundry machines in the apartment. I have to send a video of why one laundry machine I have doesn’t work and get a $39 partial refund and get it disposed of properly. “Speaking of which,” I eventually have to wash my uniform for work tomorrow and hang it, to work at 4 PM. I hope nothing weird happens and that my classical piano recordings sell and I live a comfortable life. I haven’t played much, stopped majoring in piano in 2005. Still, people like it.

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