Day: March 5, 2023

  • “The Very Idea”

    At my old church in Orlando, Florida, USA, my pastor played a slide with music that was so effective and faded in the distance.

    I was a music major, switched from piano to having wanted violin, and I have been monitored in private for years and years, not successfully doing anything.

    The pastor seemed to suggest that they do it to someone else, suggestively, like they are just “using” people who have “stuff.” You know, like I get disposed of…

  • Keyboard

    The first time 6 hours, usually 4 hours, to charge. So, I can charge it while I’m at work or at night when I sleep or both.

  • Keyboard

    I have to charge it for 6+ hours so like 4 AM.

  • Dinner

    I also had white cheese crackers and salad. I had filtered water.

  • TuneCore

    I joined TuneCore. You sell your music for free on YouTube or iTunes etc., lots of stuff though! I have a free membership.

    I sold my folk singing years ago, and my parents bought it! 🤣

  • “A Motley Crew”

    All intelligible thought from me leads to that someone else gets the lady, apparently in their mind’s eye. They all caught on.

  • “We’re in the money.” 💸

    Now that I found that lady, I’m not “in the money,” anymore.

  • Dinner

  • Me

  • Me Singing Now

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