Day: March 4, 2023

  • Getting Sore and Uptight

    I felt better after eating more and getting more rest, but I’m feeling tired, again, my muscles pumped up.

    I have been working for 2-3 months. I use my arms, stand, bend down, and walk. I was thinking of being a cashier. I work at McDonald’s and was thinking of moving to Popeye’s or maybe Wendy’s… I am from the New Orleans area like Popeye’s, and they do like Wendy’s more than McDonald’s almost, it seems. I thought it would be fun since I lived in New Orleans. I’m not 100% sure if this is true, but I think I have off 2 days after today. I try to exercise, and it makes me more sore and tired?

  • To Be Missed

    I’ll miss the days being hot in bed with my weak tower fan and all the struggles, trials, and supposed triumphs of life.

  • Nighty Night

    I cleaned my apartment and set up a fan etc. tonight and am tired and going to bed, been physically sore at work some.

  • Doing Things as Opposed To…

    It’s funny about how I’m supposed to do something and not sleep so readily, but no one talks? like posts online. Seriously, blogging and picking up where life left off and not just posting after that they had babies. Did the interwebz grow old and die, then? Affirmation~

  • Cleaned My Apartment

    I cleaned much of my apartment. I just don’t have the things in my drawers etc. organized enough.

    I set up a fan since it’s so hot at night, Clevelanders probably like to keep warm and I’m in an apartment and my AC like bombed after being new.

    I also got my keyboard but didn’t open it yet.

    I got my book and toys that go with it, too.

    My apartment is much much cleaner and has lots more open space. It was taxing my leg muscles to walk around things and they hurt at work, probably partially from that but also other things.

    I did have to buy DoorDash yesterday before deciding on groceries as delivery. I hope I don’t have to ask my younger brother for any of my money. I’m just happy to be safe and sound.

    I hope I can sell music I practice on my keyboard. If it does break, I can go to a college or something. I could do it in a practice room.

    Sometimes, I just don’t like to think about being poor and just want to go to bed.

    I want to sell on iTunes and advertise it in the description of my YouTube video samples. I am doing classical songs. I have to print out more at the library. It may not be spectacular or much work, but it may be a breadwinner.

    I also am studying to get licensed to sell, only have to sell to 1 person a month to live off of.

    I still want to play violin.

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