“Take a Chance” and “Collect $200 and Pass Go” 🕳️

So, the lady gets 100% stimulation, and because I was innovative physically I get 0% stimulation, it just worked out for her. 🥂 She got what was left, or I was ridiculous. I almost wonder if I am getting in menopause, don’t know what it is, but I stretched 40 a minutes a day 3 days in a row, hard to hold myself up, got tired, and my period was light and didn’t torment me.. I was snapped at by another when I just wanted to know if overdoing it ruined it, when it was made for her.

So, I had hopes, but it was an unlikely story. So, anyway, it’s something people tapped into and prevented for me, so it’s lost. It is something I care about, like anyone, but the world stopped to torture me. Blame the Russian war on me? I also lost a lot of other things about how I function. People just wanted to get to me. There wasn’t anything in it for me, people just say I’m not much and won’t let me be something and have my old potential.

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