“Self-Centered” and Oblivious to Others’s ^Needs^ 🫂

This is a German article about the orchestra I follow online.

(The title of my post is what this all hints at, but you may not understand?)

Maybe, they have one of the best violinists, but that doesn’t mean it’s just for some people and just not for certain people. That gives you a little spike, huh? and who deals with this prejudice? Me. I just happen to have been a fan before this all exploded and then got “out of hand.”

If you want to know, people used to think they were better… saved for this. What is my relationship to this situation? I get tormented in private, by people monitoring me in private, actually… little sounds and my computer… how people have come to treat me. Now, it’s like it’s for her and not me. So? What is everyone’s problem with me? I am not really impressed by their manners and said competing but attacking choices.

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