College 🥹

Herzing has a good Bachelor of Science in Psychology program.

If I can get financial aid, I might do it. It feels safe, like cooking at McDonald’s. I really way to play Baroque violin in Germany. I’m also studying to sell, would only need to sell once a month to collect proper income. I need to study. Most people seem to finish in a few weeks or are hoped to do so. I wonder if I could afford to get a Masters. There are Masters in psychology where you deal with things like personality and probably some cool doctorates. I think you can even study in England, and my dad was invited to Germany. It may be harder for me to succeed than my parents because of my mixed race, half South/East/Northeast Asian genetically. Me going to college online is so I’m not “flipping burgers” the rest of my life. When I clean my apartment, I may consider trying to work at Popeye’s as a cashier, but I like it here at McDonald’s.

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