“No one cares about me.” 🥺

One of my favorite things in life was just taken from me. I’m having a bad time going to sleep.

People are pressuring someone to not have a “relationship” with me.

People think it’s okay that I’m always picked on when I’m concentrating on something.

It looks like it’s over for me. 🫨 It’s too much pressure.” I don’t know what’s going to happen.

I don’t have anything to look forward to, like before.

It’s not like I’ve had too much with people investigating. It looks like I didn’t get what I was supposed to, after all. Question is before and after, since the lady got from me things I had coming for me, she got something out of it and all I got was others out when she came and the loss of her. 🫥 I also lost the supposition I deserve what I had. It’s like people came in and settled the situation, finding some way out for her, like they’re her savior. I might not get anything else like it, and I’m not sure what I can get, later. 😶‍🌫 It seems like maybe I still don’t have her and reasons are always made and my race then coming into the picture as the excuse. The excuse is pathetic. Some people will “talk.” All the bad people come out, or can anyone be bad, like me?? These are not my “final arrangements.” The lady just gets to feel more.

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