My Life Wasted 😪

Too bad I can’t use health insurance and check into a mental hospital and not take pills. I’m not mentally ill. Something just happened to me. I’m not even depressed.

The mental hospitals are not nice, the ones I’ve been in. They destroy you.

I have to work to pay off things.

My forehead is cold on the outside and hot on the inside.

I don’t want to waste myself on a psychologist to talk to and share this with, neither. I don’t have anyone close to me. No one I talk to sometimes cares.

I wish I could check out. It’s not that I can handle it by checking out, though.

It seems the same person/people are present who were here to witness this decision and get involved, maybe or it seems.

It may not be because they blame me, but it still became a problem triggered as a reaction to me by others.

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