Happy Mardi Gras! 🎭 📿

I guess it is French or New Orleanian?

It’s popping up all on Facebook!!

New Orleans didn’t really look that old to me, but the kids there were all over it. I lived in Florida, and the last place I lived was the oldest city in the US, in Northeastern Florida, which is Spanish and very European and pretty old, 1565. New Orleans was “founded” in 1718. Jazz came about in 1819. That’s 100 years after New Orleans was founded. Saint Augustine was pretty ancient, with the hanging things I think to keep bugs off and maybe household items made from old material. They have a very strong fort made of old material, made of shell and I thought rock but I read of invertebrates of different kinds, as well. It’s one of the biggest things there and looks like an old English castle but not the kind like a palace. I think the French attacked them. I used to watch this play with them fighting, called Cross and Sword. I think it discontinued. It was at the Cross and Sword Amphitheater, an outdoor, traditional looking theater.

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