The Interview and Future Endeavors 🍝

When my dad drove me years ago, I felt my chin get pulled out, the skin under my face. I am not that fat but a little overweight, and I didn’t look as sculpted, bony, and delayed.. I felt like I people found me outspoken in appearance.

I can still study to sell and continue doing food at McDonald’s, to pay off bills. I may even get off Survivor’s Benefits. When I got on Survivor’s Benefits, I got a job as a Cashier at the Beachwood Mall at Chick-fil-A, to eat out and usually had to use DoorDash. We’ll, I’m back, and here I am. I may eat out some now that I work at McDonald’s and got more hours, there. I also want to sell or model etc. and make even more money and get off benefits. I may get a folding keyboard, as my rolling one broke some in functionality, and learn The Great Gate of Kiev (Eastern European,) Rondo Alla Turca (Germany,) and Golliwog’s Cakewalk (French.) I already played all of them at least some. When I was better at piano and didn’t quit, I didn’t get to play and record my favorites, like Fur Elise, etc., and other harder ones that pro’s play. Who wouldn’t want to play the Hungarian Rhapsody that you see on Looney Tunes? There are notable, emotionally moving tunes/pieces out there. I wonder if pianists are sometimes better at performing solos and recording hits, since they can control the background. You think “solo” instrumentalists like violinists are spoiled and “get” to do more, do something better with just the melody, like a singer, though, or one who sings and dances maybe..

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