Modeling Interview – Getting Ready πŸ’‹

I have to take a shower, dry my hair with my hairdryer worth $300, and apply the makeup, pretty easy now.

It’s at 4:30 P.M., and it’s 2:52 P.M. Actually, that’s to get there early. It starts at 5 P.M. I should get a tablet if I model so I can do stuff while I wait or better yet my laptop. I can text a blog post, so it may be okay to use a tablet. I never used one much, had 2 NOOKS from Barnes & Noble and now have a small Kindle Fire which is nice but partially slow and, I think, faded. I want an iPad, if possible. I see I could get an iPad for a starting price of possibly $800, or maybe there’s a cheaper one. Some hard work oughta do it. I hate paying things off. That’s almost a month of me “flipping burgers.” I get Survivor’s Benefits from my dad, as long as I don’t make over $1,770/month, though it’s counted by the year. That’s more than some models make, but I could make twice as much total, on a higher end starting off. It seems conducive to some of my interests. I can always “flip burgers” at McDonald’s. I need like $7K. The sad thing is I’d be off the normal life and be modeling or like I’m trying to sell insurance, instead of “flipping burgers.” If I don’t get to model as soon, maybe I will keep “flipping burgers” at McDonald’s and get licensed to sell on the side so I can pay this off. I had to spend money on groceries first and then also got DoorDash too much, when I didn’t make it to sell. So, I hope it works this time. I took notes on 2 terms already and had to research more vocabulary for it. I put it on a spread sheet.

Also, it’s so hot in the apartment with their heat, and my air conditioning seemed to blow up. My tower fan is not strong, and I have to wait and get a hopefully much stronger one in March. I’m used to this in Orlando. I came up for the cold.

I want to do a little exercise, too, or something, now. I guess it’s too late, to jog, as I have the meeting in 1 1/2 hours. I need to tidy up some of the living area and at my desk. I might just jump in the shower since it’s important.

You know, I watched 2 videos to get ready for the modeling interview, one on the interview and one on payment. I just need to pay my bills and stuff, for now. It does get rough around here, and I do want to move, though I guess anywhere can “have its ups and downs.”

The interview is 2 hours at least blocked off. It looks like 40 minutes. I guess “we shall see.”

I work Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday, that’s 5 days in a row, from 5 – 10 P.M. at McDonald’s. I don’t know if I’m just doing preparing vegetables etc. and dishes or if I indeed will go to cooking. I’ll have to ask a manager.

It’s 3:05 P.M. I wish I had a tablet. I also post on my cell phone.

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