Day: January 24, 2023

  • Popcorn

    and new salt shaker but wet and clumped now
  • Update

    I took down my Pics link at the top.

  • Update

    …with an album with new photos of me!

  • Food

    I’m eating before work, McDonald’s. Earlier…

  • Used and Abused

    People want me “hanging on the line,” for their family and friends.

  • Bewilderment

    They challenge me often for “what I got” because they are so thunderstruck about encountering what people actually have going on inside of them or in private or coming to realize it.

  • Update

  • Today

    I woke up, had some breakfast, showered well, took out my little bags of trash (all tied up so bugs don’t appear,) and folded my clean laundry. I think I will take a nap, go to work, eat there, and then work, for 4 hours. I have an interview to prepare food at the airport tomorrow! McDonald’s was not a quiet place to work, but they just switched me from mornings to evenings-nights. I see they cut my hours this week. The job I’m applying for is $14/hour, possibly more. I can work either directly or indirectly with preparing food, does not seem to be any cooking involved. It’s 2 buses away, 1 hour. I just won’t leave early like before to eat. So, I can leave at, say, 7, to get there at 8. I can wake up at 5 and eat and shower. I might work til 1 and get home at 2. I’d have several hours to eat and have fun. 6 hours til 8, sleep til for and get 9 hours of sleep. I think we get free uniforms, so I may not have to wash every day. Working at McDonald’s, I work 4 or 5 hours, and I have 8 hours to myself and then sleep if 9 hours. So, that’s 2 hours less. I should start applying for more jobs, but I’m hopeful about this opportunity. I did apply to other places. Good night!

  • “Proof in the Pudding”

  • Omelette w/Cheese

  • Cinnamon Toast Crunch

  • Her

    “wound up”

  • Meanies!

    I thought someone was blunt, but I found someone else was fakely rude.

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