Music isn’t for me?

L.A. Recording School has 2 programs, on campus or online, Audio Production and Music Production.

Anyway, Audio Production seems like stuff for TED Talks etc., can be for music but also film, gaming, etc.

2 years for Associate, 3 years for Bachelor.

I feel I should do an Associate in Audio and switch over to doing a Bachelor in Music. You probably learn a lot about music. …Or, I can do Music and use it for my violin, as I go. Hey, for some schools I havalotta (have a lot of) credits for General Studies and made it to college junior! If I get money from Lejeune, monetarily it would be an option, depending on how much money I get, at least $25K? possibly over $1 million, for the death of my dad, from drinking poison in the Marines during Vietnam, here in the US. The law was passed later last year.

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