“Late in the Game”

I didn’t ask and questioned having such a “relationship” with the Late Baby Boomer from Europe.

People are coming up and demanding a “relationship” with her, like, “after all this,” they get the prize.

Are their days numbered?

You can observe her as ^excited^ with all these people either stimulating her or taking my place.

It’s like she took my life. Everything is about her, sometimes, like she has to get stimulated now and all the time.

People kept acting like maybe it’s not true, that she is not famous and is still ^available^. They key saying “2” like it meant I was still loved, like I was not disregarded. I find it strange, and that of all things she’s a problem, like everyone thinks the same of her and she can’t be ^special^ to me in any way “or else.” Other people stepped in and stubbornly insisted they propelled the feelings I get from her, by inappropriately stimulating her all the time. It’s like it’s some joke from her that I even needed her.

So, she’s getting stimulated, while I get blamed for the problems. They lied about things like it’s about me, too, and they aren’t even ashamed. They mistreat me, and, if I feel upset, they harass me and I can’t enjoy my life or function. That’s what lets her get away with feeling these funny feelings from older people, like it’s a spectacle for me to consider.

They act like I’m a constant problem, but they are. They act like they don’t know what’s going on around me.

She said she had to be mean to me to be safe, but I bet it doesn’t matter to other people.

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