Blame Several Things

  1. the mean people of Orlando, Florida
  2. my dad for acting aggressive secretly like maybe I’m just saying that
  3. my mom for freaking out about how to treat me, if to treat me okay
  4. people for following along like it’s my fault
  5. the people monitoring me in private bothering me with monitors
  6. if anyone involved in trying to promote a “”relationship with me is goofing up
  7. Cleveland, Ohio

for things like me not being good at violin, knowing more German, etc., being in shape … you name it! shape, size, color, etc.

Does anyone expect such things out of me? Did I do anything that I should know is wrong in awkward situations, and what about when other people make mistakes? It’s too bad? Life goes on for me, I don’t chose to worship my misdeeds and complain about it to everyone. Assuming that’s not it, though, just things like that little game I can’t think of bad words or else, even if they pass my mind or even form an interjection, phrase, or sentence. They do things like that for cheap reasons…

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