Day: January 21, 2023

  • Better and Better

    Some people want others treated better but to be treated better specifically over me.

  • Put it on display.

    Your true feelings for me.

    I mean like saying things like, “I didn’t really do it,” when I am trying to do something that you don’t want me to do because you’re jealous.

  • Blame Several Things

    1. the mean people of Orlando, Florida
    2. my dad for acting aggressive secretly like maybe I’m just saying that
    3. my mom for freaking out about how to treat me, if to treat me okay
    4. people for following along like it’s my fault
    5. the people monitoring me in private bothering me with monitors
    6. if anyone involved in trying to promote a “”relationship with me is goofing up
    7. Cleveland, Ohio

    for things like me not being good at violin, knowing more German, etc., being in shape … you name it! shape, size, color, etc.

    Does anyone expect such things out of me? Did I do anything that I should know is wrong in awkward situations, and what about when other people make mistakes? It’s too bad? Life goes on for me, I don’t chose to worship my misdeeds and complain about it to everyone. Assuming that’s not it, though, just things like that little game I can’t think of bad words or else, even if they pass my mind or even form an interjection, phrase, or sentence. They do things like that for cheap reasons…

  • Feeling Preoccupied, Hopelessly, and Dismal, Regularly

    I’ve been having problems, and I know the cause is settled but still I laugh at it in the background. I keep not feeling okay and never feel quite right, but I don’t think about it often but maybe a few times a day at least during maybe the evening/night, say.

    It did make me think of some things, and the people monitoring me in private didn’t like it. Now, they’re freaking out, I sounded mad by accident sorta maybe or at least thinking too quickly, after a long hard day at McDonald’s doing what I’m supposed to.

    I just didn’t want it to be a big deal, but they are like “bipolar” and “obsessive compulsive.”

  • An Unfortunate Failure

    I can’t trust a society of people, I saw them cut in when someone seemed friendly to me. They think it’s right to “kill kill kill.” Then, nothing is happening, anymore.

  • Supper

    I had to make more spaghetti and (frozen) meatballs.

  • “Head in the Clouds” or “Air Heads”

    Some people said I was worth some sacrifice and special treatment, but it looks bad on them to just drop me, in their own ^creative^ ways, like sometimes they’re okay to me, though sometimes they’re not okay to me. That’s like they just dropped everything and said I was worthless. It seems like sometimes there was hope along the way for something rooted in the ground.

  • Waste Work

    The people involved in and monitoring me in private don’t care if I have “work” to do and act like I need their testing me and even though they’re not acting very nice or smart for me.

  • Crisp Crap

    classical music today
    sorry to say
    but it has to be that way
    that’s how history will lay

  • Supper

    Leftover Spaghetti and (Frozen) Meatballs

  • Envy

    Are some people easing in trying to “claim my title?”

  • Mean People

    Can you believe prestigious people who are mean and act like they are nicer than most people to get you to think they are so nice?

  • Being Pursued and Broken in On

    I need a plan against racists, but I’m being monitored by people following me in private and wrecking havoc on me. Plus, I don’t believe anyone has reason to be racist to me.

  • Various Places Being Abusive

    Some/Many places prepare to socially abuse me. Orlando had its plan, and Cleveland, Ohio has its plan.

  • At Church

  • Family?

    Do you have a loud and happy family?

  • Random

    Other people react randomly to me, yet I cannot explore my thoughts and feelings successfully because of them, like trashing me.

  • It’s the truth.

    The “spoiled brats” in my life are encouraged by Mommy or Daddy.

  • Communicating

    Some people are roped off assuming individuals already in communication “must” be good enough, more than with others, hence they pretend not to have to relate to certain people as much.

  • A Quick Breakfast to Prepare

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