Tim Burton

He was still active it seems through some point in 2009 and Alice in Wonderland coming out in 2010.

I took this video in 2008, if you want to see it.

Here’s one someone else took, 2 minute sand 44 seconds long.

His last big hit was Sweeney Todd in December 2007, and he had a daughter, his wife carrying her while filming, during the early days. He was also prominent for the last hit being Alice in Wonderland, which finally showed up on screen in Mach 2010. He did Dark Shadows with Johnny Depp, with others like a young star Chloe Moretz, but “the hype died down.” Hollywood is no more. The last big animation was 2D of New Orleans, Disney’s full length animated feature of a princess, The Princess and the Frog, December 2009. I can’t say I had much going for me since.

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