Applying for College

I am applying to go back to the Baptist College of Florida online for a Bachelor of Arts in Music in violin performance.

I have a few classes and 7 credit hours of violin lessons and 7 semesters of an ensemble.

If I get money from Lejeune I can do 2 ensembles a semester since I won’t have to work. I can maybe take longer lessons, too. So, that’s 2-4 years, but I can finish the other classes in 1-2 years, since one requires 1-2 years, depending on if I know the material from my last school.

Since moving to Germany may usually require a Bachelor’s degree, then this will work. So, I may be 39 years old, almost 40!

I’m working on my FAFSA for financial aid, which covers it all, or used to, here.

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