Day: January 18, 2023

  • Update

    The only social icon I have up now is a new Facebook, linked at the top of this blog.

  • Pianist

  • Drained

    The lack of excitement is draining my energy.

  • Dinner

  • Popularity

    Are well-liked people necessarily popular?

  • Orlando

    I lived there for 15 years with my parents, who got sick and died over 4 years.

    I lost a lot moving Up North to Cleveland. My hopes were smashed, though I got out of Orlando..

  • Pursued

    I thought I could improve my life.

  • The World

    Socially, it has come to ruin.

  • Applying for College

    I am applying to go back to the Baptist College of Florida online for a Bachelor of Arts in Music in violin performance.

    I have a few classes and 7 credit hours of violin lessons and 7 semesters of an ensemble.

    If I get money from Lejeune I can do 2 ensembles a semester since I won’t have to work. I can maybe take longer lessons, too. So, that’s 2-4 years, but I can finish the other classes in 1-2 years, since one requires 1-2 years, depending on if I know the material from my last school.

    Since moving to Germany may usually require a Bachelor’s degree, then this will work. So, I may be 39 years old, almost 40!

    I’m working on my FAFSA for financial aid, which covers it all, or used to, here.

  • Change of Work Hours

    They want me to be a “prep” cook at McDonald’s from 5 P.M. – 10 P.M., instead of 8 A.M. – 1 P.M. That’s 5 hours.

  • Moving to Germany

    It seems the most hope for me to move to Germany is money from Lejeune and to pay to study violin and German if I still maybe need a college degree to move there.

  • Update

    Website > Stuff > Cute Cartoons

    Image From Last Post

    Stray Cat

  • Cute Cartoon

  • Did everyone find out?

    You can’t “go to” another country to experience “the real world” probably with the world following the US which turned very racist.

  • No Win

    Why, when I win, is it about rectifying people who “goofed off” and are “up to no good?”

  • Public Figures

    Why are individuals like Tim Burton and Johnny Depp always accompanied by an usher and the peanut gallery, and where did they all go hide and celebrate?

  • Essentially What Germany Says Now

    They are comfortable but say no hope. The past is gone.

  • “No Life”

    Hollywood ended with Johnny Depp, as one of the last ones to experience it.

    It’s been about a Late Baby Boomer lady from Europe I’m supposedly supposed to have a “relationship” with. When I lived in Orlando, it was about her being inappropriately stimulated, while I suffer. Orlando was bad, and I left. Cleveland is more selfish and East Cleveland was always about that she and other Baby Boomers are aging and dying now, and I don’t know how to even recover.

  • Tim Burton

    He was still active it seems through some point in 2009 and Alice in Wonderland coming out in 2010.

    I took this video in 2008, if you want to see it.

    Here’s one someone else took, 2 minute sand 44 seconds long.

    His last big hit was Sweeney Todd in December 2007, and he had a daughter, his wife carrying her while filming, during the early days. He was also prominent for the last hit being Alice in Wonderland, which finally showed up on screen in Mach 2010. He did Dark Shadows with Johnny Depp, with others like a young star Chloe Moretz, but “the hype died down.” Hollywood is no more. The last big animation was 2D of New Orleans, Disney’s full length animated feature of a princess, The Princess and the Frog, December 2009. I can’t say I had much going for me since.

  • What’s Leftover

    In Hollywood, you may notice a handful of people who made it through 2007. Baby Boomers think any failure is discipline to “Millennials.”

  • Is hardly any Millennial in shape?

    You get outta shape as you get older and quit activities like ballet or high school sports.

  • No More Posting About “Easter Eggs” on Any Major Franchise

    The movie industry has become camp and bleak. They know anyone can sign on to the internet and post about if there’s another good movie, so they avoid making any. Better stop hoping and find something else to keep you going, including getting a blog.

  • Germany – Residency

    I’ve thought I found this partly.

  • How to Be as Good as the Past

    Didn’t things used to be better before all this new racism?

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