Day: January 17, 2023

  • Fitting In

    People think that will make them popular.

  • Dinner

  • Treadmill


  • Gym

    1/2 hour upperbody workout class

    1 hour on treadmill

  • Pay Day

    I think I do get paid next Tuesday.

  • Gym

    I think I’m going after this snack. Treadmill for an hour as usual and weights.

  • Being Alone

    Sometimes, there do not seem to be “other fish in the sea.”

  • Parents

    People are not necessarily a match to their parents.

    I think we all have certain concerns that may or may not match other people.

  • Getting Help to Move to Germany, Finally

    I was told to contact an embassy.

    I wrote the following:

    How can I find help with finding a job for English speakers and a place to live where English speakers can? Well, I know Berlin has the most resources for English speakers or foreigners. I have been following an orchestra online for 6-7 years, since 2016. It’s a Baroque orchestra in Freiburg by France and Switzerland/Italy on the west edge. Many celebrated members from the orchestra are probably around their late 50s. It would be nice to catch some action before they start to leave or die. I do like big cities, though the Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra is rather harsh for me now, anyway. I don’t know where I want to move and may as well move to Freiburg or Berlin. I want to learn German and take violin lessons.

  • Being Attacked

    Yesterday and today eating after working at McDonald’s, a man came by me to fit and eat and attacked/bugged me racially. I put up with this fear all day at work, too.

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