Just Got Home and…

I had 1 of my $1/$2 chocolate cake-like dessert from a box of 10, 2 heart cakes in one pack.

I took, like, a full shower, hair mask and Bath & Body Works!

I tidied up my apartment pretty well. I have some bags and it looks hard to dance in, though, now. I could move some things a bit. … Well, I took care of that!

I went through my home and purse/bag planner.

I have some classical music on. I have some water.

Work is great, doesn’t take long to get there. I ate my free meal after work, a double burger, small fries, and coke (Coca-Cola.)

I put my laundry for tomorrow in and have to work it.

I have to clean some cookingware in the kitchen etc.

I have a little trash to take out.

Pretty much done.

I wish I had money to shop, waiting for some, and my younger brother seems afraid to send me any of mine now I am on my own. Weird. It’s Iike I only have what’s in my pocket now, it’s not right. I thought my dad left that money to me or it got leftover already somehow. I mean, I just got a job and to be safe they aren’t paying me for 3 weeks, so I won’t leave because I’m new. I didn’t know! I think I looked it up online. I have a few things I can return that may make it by the end of this month, some things too late.

I guess I’ll post online, need to wash my uniform for tomorrow and eventually cook a meal, probably spaghetti and meatballs. I only have like $100 for the rest of this month, some got taken away somehow for something. So, it goes to food. I’m stocked for breakfast at home, big breakfast kinda, and some suppers, maybe 5 suppers at least. It might cost around $40 for the next week. I have just enough maybe, but I may need to buy female products, not sure what else. My female cycle may be rather short and light, since I took that pill, but a tampon is not enough alone, I wear both a tampon and pad on heavier days, like 3 days possibly. I found a few things at Dollar stores, but I am trying to lay off going there until I have some money. I’ll have, like, $600+ when I do get my first check! I want to pay back my debts, for one thing, $5.6K maybe. Oh, and I do have some more credit coming in for now, $29, so.

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