Day: January 15, 2023

  • Digging In

  • Supper

  • Socializing With the Amazing non-Caucasian Races

    It is inappropriate to take Caucasians who are okay, good, etc. and pair them with lunatics, when it comes to other races. They don’t have to talk to them. I know it’s done in that the “cream of the crop” of other races are supposedly too good for them. I’m not sure what goes on between other people, but they have their own whole world, as well.

  • Book I Just Bought on eBay!

    I just got the last book about Chinese Indonesian women facing unbelievable racism, including a gold medalist and a concert pianist, listed first.

  • More

    The minor in Art History will fit very well with Germany’s obsession with things such as classical music through the years and a knowledge of the past and how to feel for our future and posterity.

    …And if you didn’t “get it,” on top of great technological advancements, Germany is into philosophy of the people etc., like how people are and ideologies and things…

  • Yay!

    If I get a Bachelor’s degree in History, I can move to Germany! At best, I’ll be 39.

    Not much going on in classical music, and I still lack “technical skills,” “left behind.”

  • New Orleans – Loyola University

    If I go back, it is only logical I go back to my alma mater. I have either 1 1/2 or 2 years left of a half scholarship of, like, $22K, I think per semester.

    I don’t feel comfortable going to college for violin, especially not at a camp place like that where you rely on past luck and how early you started, maybe in the end.

    I do like that college, and I don’t know where to study violin that would make sense with my talent but lack of technical skills, like all the positions, if using vibrato, playing fast yet, etc.

    Unfortunately, college is a big thing, and it’s the rest of your life and you just have to work to pay it back. I can get some loans and maybe even money from Lejeune, alas!

    So, I was scrolling through the majors and found History with a concentration in International Studies, logical, and, further, a concentration in European Studies. Those concentrations were my choices out of the options and what I wanted, anyway. Also, a 2 year language sequence of German as my choice and all they have on that campus. I think I’d have 7 classes of general history, 3 classes of general international history, and 3 courses from European studies. If I had to pick another language, I’d pick Latin or French, since I noticed the language courses might be higher requirement levels. That’s 39 credit hours. That’s 4 semesters if I took 12 credit hours each semester. I need a few more general studies etc. I think I finished electives and am gonna pick a minor. Okay, I chose Art History. That was easy!

    I think the opportunity in music is nonexistent for me today regarding what I can do, like if in college or with a teacher, at my age. I hope to still practice violin and learn German, but I have to lug myself to a practice room or get an apartment nearby.

  • Selfies

  • Update

    I added a translator at the top left of this blog.

  • Groceries

  • A Good Breakfast Before Work – Idea


    Whole Bagel Cut in Half With Butter

    A Few Jimmy Dean Sausages

    Iced Coffee (Low Sugar?)

    Chocolate Cereal With Chocolate Inside? and Milk


    Cough Drop

    Cheaper than the Big Breakfast With Hot Cakes etc. at McDonald’s Each Day I Work

  • Breakfast

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