What I’ve Done Today

I went to the Dollar Tree closeby and spent almost $20. I got a few things I need and maybe almost 10 things of frozen food, mostly.

I’m cooking a hot burrito. The non-hot burritos didn’t have just the ground beef but also beans, so I didn’t get those ones.

I work at McDonald’s and get a 10% or 30% discount when I eat there. I like to buy breakfast before work, too, which totals like $7 or $8. I get some free food and a small drink each day I work.

I have to pay my internet bill like $85 and only have like $250+ left. I thought I’d get paid in 2 weeks time, but since I just started it may be 3 weeks, the ending period of January, I guess. I officially was onboard January 7th. I started on the 10th.

I’d like to straighten up my apartment sometime after eating. Maybe, I can go to the gym again one day soon to do my 1 hour of jogging/running on the treadmill. Tomorrow is choir. I should exercise at home.

Looks like it’s time to put the burrito in!

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