“My, oh, My!”

It’s already 9:41 PM, and I showered and am in bed!

I was waiting for groceries on this busy day before Thanksgiving, delivery with Instacart+. I feel safe and secure more to eat before and after work and have food for the rest of the month. My younger brother is ignoring me when I ask for savings, too, since I thought I’d already have a higher paying job. I will now, though. I’m finishing up helping with Santa photos for $10/hour and then plan to get another job while I get licensed to sell part time, should make $100K selling to 4 people a week. I already am good at repeating selling photos from Santa, got better at it as time went on. I am trying to work at Popeye’s or McDonald’s, only 1 bus away form home, after this, but I wasn’t table to do an interview with things to do. This job is over December 24th. 1 month left of fun! though it’s stressful living far away and not having much money to worry about at the same time.

So, I did laundry with a new washer, a small one for my studio apartment. It’s quite small. I had to dry my stuff in the apartment laundry room in 2 cycles. I didn’t wait in the room, anymore, after the 1st cycle. It’s so overbearing. I was tired and hungry and uptight.

Now, day is done. My Instacart came like 3 hours late, since it’s Thanksgiving.

Let’s pray I get through this, can’t believe my younger brother thinks he can deal my savings. He already wanted me out of the house when my parents died. People have intervened my peace and serenity socially living far away, too.

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