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So, like you must know by now, I did piano. My college had an afterschool program for children who played piano like 4 or 5 days a week. My private instructor actually taught it, and piano was my major instrument, along with doing other things like taking private organ lessons.

I feel it’s become accepted that I’ve transitioned as a lost soul or something or other from piano to violin, as violin is considered more specific musically and more collaborative, in the making.

My piano instructor in college taught me more about perfecting simple technic/technique and things like how a line in piano is the same as an instrument in the orchestra or band playing the same song. Basically.

My organ teacher in high school sure beat around the bush for that choir all those years and is there doing it to this day, retired from teaching Talented Music in public schools in the area. Anyway, she taught me how to perfect my legato on organ or rather to eliminate it and be more detached. I did my pedal exercises faithfully, and I was all good and well, “up to snuff,” as I like to say. She hinted me in on things and I was a whiz to pick it up. I got good at trills by the time I came back from college a year.

I wanted to take Music Appreciation in college when I was still in high school but only could take Art Appreciation. My dad kept boasting about Beethoven’s 5th, “dun dun dun dun” having taken Music Appreciation. I took music history courses etc. myself as a music major and did speeches on it. I also did some learning of Music Education and even got to use it as one of my majors in music for awhile.

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