I might be able to work not too long a trip from home, like at fast food restaurants.

I applied for some other things.

I already am being contacted about selling, would need to sell to 4 families a week to make $100K/year. I would work from home, maybe mostly. I was hoping for a guaranteed steady income, too, but it doesn’t look like it.

I read you could get over a million dollars compensation from Lejeune, but it may take awhile if we get anything at all. After all, I wanted to practice violin and my parents got sick and died over 4 years, 2 years each in a row.

To sell, I need to study to get licensed. This company doesn’t sound as intimidating as the last one. I wonder if the licensing is the same.

Where should I live? I was thinking of Fort Lauderdale. I was born there. It has a nice culture, but it doesn’t seem to get very cold ever. I want to move to Germany and am trying to learn German.

The thing Is I have bills to pay, credit line debts I used for groceries and DashPass. I have to pay for groceries and sometimes eating out now, too. If I work a part time job should do the trick. I may owe $6K. I have some savings I’m not supposed to use, unless for emergencies.

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