Day: November 20, 2022

  • Funny

    We’re actually making sure too someone is like someone, in a way that sneaks in an experience others can’t have, but no problem with that that person is successful and over others, as they seem to agree about concerning others.

  • Work

    I might be able to work not too long a trip from home, like at fast food restaurants. I applied for some other things. I already am being contacted about selling, would need to sell to 4 families a week to make $100K/year. I would work from home, maybe mostly. I was hoping for a […]

  • Clean

    I finally cleaned my room! It did not take very long. Now, I have to see about the new little washing machine and what to do about then that broke. I have some garbage to take out and lots of bugs in the garbage can, like little flies.

  • “Bad”

    A lot of people were mean all growing up and when they got older said the contest starts here and say it’s my fault I didn’t accept how I was treated, that I was really mean.