Sauerkraut and Dumplings with Hot Dogs

The wind chill or whatever was 18 degrees Fahrenheit. I need a sweater under my jacket and extra tight pants under my real pants and thermal pants. I ordered a new jacket since this one’s hood connection broke. It may come in like 5 days?

Work was cool. I had to sit down and get a coffee. I should go to bed after supper. It seems all I do is the job, the bus, and eat. I want to do my violin stuff. I’m still labeling songs I know/like in my hymnal, must be 100 by now, though a few tunes repeated.

People are bothering me in a pattern, sometimes things feel too good to be true, sometimes they just ruin my life. Sounds get to me. Sometimes, it’s like no one likes me, stuck in my studio apartment. I feel bad again, already without the safety of other people present as witnesses.

I’m waiting for the sauerkraut with hot dogs to boil and then I can mix like 5-6 cups of dumplings. I had to borrow $400, reaching my limit and need to find a stable job.

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