Day: November 18, 2022

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    $150-$300 K / year A sales job I may do.

  • Sales Job

    I think I was given the okay to train cheaply for a $100-$150 K sales job. I asked its whereabouts and how hard it is to train, to license. I’m awaiting a response. I may be able to pick up a fast food job etc. briefly to make ends meet while training. Also, I want […]

  • Time for Bed

    Alarm for 10 AM. I probably will spend some time labeling my hymnal and wake up to pee and get something to eat. Bug zapper is on! “The flies filled the skies!” I’ve been working without sleeping a lot. I went to the gym one day, but 2 days later without enough sleep needed a […]

  • My December Budget

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    I deleted the photo about Baby Boomers being Willy Wonka pretending we’re in trouble from the list of featured posts.

  • Home!

    Sauerkraut and Dumplings with Hot Dogs The wind chill or whatever was 18 degrees Fahrenheit. I need a sweater under my jacket and extra tight pants under my real pants and thermal pants. I ordered a new jacket since this one’s hood connection broke. It may come in like 5 days? Work was cool. I […]