This Evening

I tried to sleep but felt shocked, I know by the people in the apartment, as though that is their duty in the end.

I’m baking some toast to have with peanut butter and maybe jelly or honey.

I might shower and play violin!

Work tomorrow, hope to leave by 11:30 AM. I’ll get there before 1 PM. I can settle and snack on my Lunchable. Work starts at 3. So, I should wake up at 8 AM.

When it snows, I want to go outside in the evening and at night! Bless me for coming up here poor!

November 2022
  • A Step Ahead and a Dream Come True!
    Ballerinas seem to be able to go pro right out of high school or hopefully during! Many quit at a fresh age.
  • Alternatives
    It seems that a lot of people who’d love the attention that ballet gives like a classically trained musician get sucked into other schools of dance that seem more showy and streamlined.
  • America
    I wonder if people move to Australia and New Zealand or Ireland in hopes of reciprocating the idea of “coming to America.” I also wonder how you find non-Germans playing violin in orchestras in Germany, even different kinds of people from Latin America, but in the US we are sorta knocked out of ever hoping for this, learning violin and German to do that someday. Oh, Canada, they are treated similarly, as the US is.. They are not considered French like someone from Europe or maybe a native of New Orleans….
  • Hi!
    I’m a passionate blogger who’s been online since 1997 at age 11. (with image)


I did like it and needed to get in shape but didn’t get to do much. Other people don’t feel like starting the piano.