I had to pay $20 to get back home since I got a late bus.

I have off tomorrow but work Tuesday-Saturday roughly mostly around 3-7.

I will keep my sales job or was considering being a cop. I still have my dreams in violin in classical music in an orchestra in Germany or something, ideally though. Oh, I mean the sales job that’s new, not the terminating job I have now, with Santa, Christmas photos.

My legs didn’t get tired at work, today! I had a really long day the day before, since someone didn’t show for 2 days, no reason why, disappeared.

I’m on my 2nd bottle of special fruity Mountain Dew, unfortunately, one in the morning, one now. I may have supper, excited about tomorrow being off.

I have to get my December bus pass probably December 1st, Thursday. I work til the 24th. About 2 1/2 weeks of work so far, 4 left. Tonight was busy.

People keep saying bad things about selling from home part time. My taxi driver said he did that and retail his whole life. He didn’t have a straight answer! like maybe it was for some people. I think it would be better than being a cop if I want to learn violin and German. Only part time, too! and then get $100K/year. I need to look into it more. They said sell to 4 families/people a week to make that much. I guess you can cut off once you’ve done that much or just keep going or to whatever end. It’s a dream come true, from home and part time. I need to get licensed, $49 with them. It seems challenging. I wonder if I’ll have to wait til this job at the mall a ways away is over. I may work at like McDonald’s or Popeye’s! to pay bills til I can sell, like I told them.

I have a bit to clean up. Maybe, tomorrow will be laundry, too. I don’t seem to have too much to tidy up for bed. I may shower and eat. My Mountain Dew is almost gone. I may have some lemonade after. It’s a good thing I got a hold of some groceries. I don’t have much money left.

You know, this soda is making me happy. I wasn’t tired, today.

I really want to make saving money a priority, so no eating out. Though, I can get groceries I like. I don’t get too much frozen prepared food, anymore.

I have some things I could return, though it is quite a hassle.

I hope to keep up violin practicing and am happy I can play at church when I’m ready. I think they needed me soon, though. I could get like up to $300 back of returning stuff if I do, maybe more with a slight possibility. That would be a nice help paying bills next month now. I also have plenty of contact lenses. I have like at least 2 extra boxes, 1 of which is coming.

I don’t know about my lease. I just gotta keep working. I dunno I could do both sales and a steady job, wait til I made some money selling gradually but at an accelerating pace? A guy on a bus in a nice area said he worked at McDonald’s, telling this other guy. He just makes the food and gets paid well, no talking to people. He seemed like he was in his late 40s or 50s. The other guy I think gets assistance for mental illness. I said how people at work before cut me off being happy. He said same with him so he was unhappy on purpose! Aha ha ha!

I should research jobs but kinda already know that people sell or are a cop if they don’t have a degree and want significant money, think selling brings in more for people. Some people say it’s a lotta work, but it’s for people without college degrees! It sorta is a dream job if it’s work from home part time still may $100K.

I guess I’ll have some fun, do some chores, shower and eat maybe, for now.

I had a pizza Lunchable before work. I bought a wrap at a gas station and had a little snack pack with cheese and nuts, good idea and tasted nice. I had water. I brought lemonade to work. I have cold water and ice waiting for me at home! and I am at home!

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November 2022